Don’t Be Prude

Brrrrrrr. Although this weekend’s weather forecast looks a tad cold, we have plenty of ideas for art events and parties to warm you right up! This weekend promises to be particularly toasty with the openings of contemporary art heavyweights Heinz Mack and Olafur Eliasson. If you are in search of a way to secure some inner warmth, don’t miss the Berlin Porn Week’s lecture entitled “Passionately Opposing Gays Who Are Too Normal.” Below you can find additional ideas for parties and art events to keep you both warm and entertained indoors.

Thursday October 25th 2012

LEAP – P5_Berlin 01 – 8 pm

If you haven’t lost yourself in the Berlin Carré looking for LEAP, you haven’t lived. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but the journey in this bizarre shopping mall is a huge part of the fun of LEAP. This Thursday you can experience the search yourself, as well as LEAP’s spectacular balcony view over Alexanderplatz, during talks held by Kim Asendorf and Rainer Kohlberger for P5_Berlin 01. Both artists work in digitally related arts and often venture in exceedingly technologically oriented fields, such as Kohlberger’s focus on presenting algorithmically generated visualizations. Go activate your inner nerd at LEAP!

The WYE – Spur – 8 pm

The Kreuzberg Pavillion is back! After forging a collective in Kassel for 100 days at documenta(13), the now WYE-based artist collective will open its latest exhibition Spur. Featuring work by ten artists, the show will include Oliver Dehn’s anti-traditional works ironically rooted in tradition. WYE not shake things up and see if you can become the collective’s newest member?

Arndt – Heinz Mack Opening – 6 to 9 pm

If OP art is your thing, Ardnt will be your place Thursday eve. Presenting works by Heinz Mack, one of Germany’s pioneers in kinetic art, the comprehensive show will serve as Mack’s homage to Berlin. This exhibition will feature forty reliefs, paintings, sculptures, kinetic works and works on paper over the period 1958 – 2012. Don’t miss this chance to see such a massive range of works by one of Germany’s most significant living artists.

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Friday October 26th 2012

TS Art Projects – Danny Croucher Opening – 6 to 9 pm

Just in time for Halloween, the exhibition opening of English photographer Danny Croucher will present works best described as “haunting.” As the sitter in each black and white photograph has a strong psychological presence, their inner personalities penetrate your psyche. If eerily enchanting works excite you, look no further than the Danny Croucher Opening.

Schau Fenster – “What I like” – 7 pm

With an exhibition entitled “What I like,” the curator did not beat around the bush. Stop by Schau Fenster to see if you feel the same the way. With pieces by seven artists working in a variety of media, we are convinced something will suit your fancy. In particular, you won’t be able to feel ambivalent about Iris Kettner’s life-size figural sculptures that reduce the human form to deindividualized physical prototypes. After checking out the art, release your inner animal by jamming to music by DJ Animal.


LSD Gallery – Peter Freitag exhibition – 7 to 10 pm

We know what you are thinking, but no, BAPS is not encouraging you to try LSD this Friday. We are, however, encouraging you to head over to LSD Gallery to check out the Peter Freitag exhibition. Freitag’s work transforms advertising imagery into unrecognizable abstraction by rubbing ads raw with sandpaper or dissolving them with solvents. His favorite target? Seductive poses of attractive men and women. Be sure not to look too good at his opening or you might receive the same harsh treatment!

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Saturday October 27th 2012

ORi – Unabhängig Parallel – 7 pm

Come check out the opening of the latest exhibition of one of our Top 5 favorite Berlin spots with art. In conjunction with Movement for Galleries (MfG) 2012, ORi will be featuring photographs by eight artists from Finland to Italy. Stop by this lovely space to get your dose of European flair this weekend.

Moviemento Kino – Porn Week lecture – 6 pm

In case you searching for some raunchy controversy, look no further than Paul Buijs’s lecture “Passionately Opposing Gays Who Are Too Normal.” As part of the 7th Porn Film Festival in Berlin, Buijs will explore (in discussion, of course) the inner lives of those who break the predominant prudish paradigm. Let us know if you find his argument convincing!

Neugerriemschneider – Olafur Eliasson Opening – 6 to 9 pm

Finally, we are bringing out the big guns. At one of big shots in the Berlin gallery scene, a solo exhibition will open featuring works by Olafur Eliasson, a bigwig figure in contemporary art. Although the Danish-Icelandic artist is known for his massive installations using elemental materials such as light and water, the exhibition “Volcanoes and Shelters” will show his artistic depth with photographs and sculptures that explore remote areas of Iceland.

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Article by Patricia Restrepo