Doing the Devil’s Work

Att Poomtangon does the impossible in his current exhibition at Feldbuschwiesner and exposes the devil! So who is he and why is he so evil? All will be revealed!

At Att Poomtangon’s current exhibition “The Devil is in the Detail” at Feldbuschwiesner, the artist presents images from loads of different brands and products that shape how we live. From Maccy D’s to Tiger Balm and Pizza Hut, the recognisable logos don’t appear as their flashy selves but on cardboard which Poomtangon has collected from the streets of Manhattan! Check out the exhibit to see how much of a consumer you are, if you dare…

Not so Juicy Mangoes!

The diverse consumerism of society was placed right in front of me, but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to feel. This all became clearer in the next room, where images of perfect fruit and tasty vegetables, were not so perfect with little cartoon people climbing all over them! This time the devil really was in the detail, although the little characters looked pretty comic rather than devilish to me!

Who is the Devil?

What appeared to be more devilish were the beheaded reminders lying or hanging around the gallery! You never feel entirely alone when accompanied by creepy bodiless heads dotted around the place, whether he’s a Native American Chieftain, chain smoker or laughing Buddha! The exhibition is not just about the consumerism but also the people who consume, yes you can brand the big companies as “evil”, but to be honest we, the ones who consume their products and logos, seem to be the devils!


  • Feldbuschwiesner Att Poomtangon “The Devil is in the Detail” Jun 16th – Jul 28th 2012, Wed – Sat: 12 – 7pm
  • Price Range: 6,500 € – 26,000 €