Do You See What I See?

Tucked away on Skalitzer Straße near Motto bookshop is Silberkuppe. I’ve ventured to their door several times before, and they have slowly developed to become one of my favorite galleries here in Berlin. Naturally when I heard they had an opening I was eager to review what they had in store for me. Little did I know that they were going to challenge me with exactly what a gallery could be.

A Routine Interrupted

As per usual, I went to their site to see what they were planning to showcase. Their website promised an exhibition called “Topp Shoppe” by an American named Sean McNanney. I googled the artist’s name to no avail, yet kept high hopes for his work based on Silberkuppe’s exhibition history. The website, however, had more mysterious information on this very vague exhibition. In italics, it read:

“The rooms are delicate… but they are also inviting… 
  decorated to saturation with cherished objects” 

This was succeeded by a puzzling list of special hours for a trading store including the promise of a New Year’s sale. It was beginning to sound less like an art gallery opening and more like a boutique! I have heard of artists transforming exhibition spaces into platforms for commerce, but hadn’t this been done to death? And what did this McNanney guy have to say that was new about this? I got my winter coat and left to see.