Do You Remember?

It is known that there is no wind on the moon, but none of us has ever been there. So what do we really know? We only rely on official history books, on archives, on pictures that shape our general knowledge of the world. Yet, we might never be able to prove the accuracy of those facts ourselves. “There is no wind on the moon” is also the title of the current group exhibition running at Savvy Contemporary. So what can you expect from an exhibition that already boasts a fact that cannot necessarily be perceived, felt, or proven?
The answer: Everything. The exhibition takes us to places all over Europe: It displays archive photos of the French city Calais, one of Europe’s focal points of migration, and shows us a film about an Italian satellite town where blue-collar workers were promised a new and better life.

My personal gem is the small and cozy room with an old-fashioned slide projector in it. The images tell us the story of an unsolved plane crash in Holland (with a whole conspiracy theory behind it). You are invited to sit down and make yourself comfy. A book and a cassette player are waiting for you on the table. You are invited to read, to change cassettes, to push fast forward and, of course, to watch the slide show. Please do touch!

This exhibition encourages the viewer to delve in and consider individual and collective
memory – there is no better way to do so than through a highly interactive exhibition! Do you feel the wind coming?
  • Savvy Contemporary “There is no wind on the moon” with works by Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo, Dani Gal and Jan Lemitz. Curators: Tobias Hering, Bonaventure Soh Ndikung. September 1st -28th 2012: 4-8pm .

Article written by Adele Barnau.