Dear Women, Here Is The Difference Between Feminism And Femininity In Relation To Men

Drawing by  Fanlay

Drawing by Fanlay


The stronger sex. One with a penis. One with facial hair. That, or more? What defines a male human?

Courage? But no person can escape a moment of weakness.

Valour, bravery, courage are all so masculine. But what about a woman who possesses these? Should she come to doubt her feminity?

Strength? But no person can escape infirmity.

Power, toughness. But what about a male who picks classical dance over sports? Shall he be less masculine?

Non-emotional? But no person can shut emotions out completely.

Stoic. Stolid. Impassive. But what about a male who chooses to cry while shouldering his father’s shrouded corpse? Shall he be any less a man?

Sexually aggressive? But no person can deny the seductiveness of a gentle touch.

Perverted. Lustful. But what about a girl who enjoys watching porn? Should she be scared she’ll grow a beard?

Alpha? But no person can lead independently forever.

Head-of-the-family. Independent. Bread earner. But what about the husband who chose to stay home to his kids while his wife drove of to office? Should he grow a pair of breasts?

A Man is a Son, a Father, a Brother, a Husband, a Friend and more.

His emotions, feelings or simply his choices don’t make him any less a man that he is. They do however, make him Human.
Their day passes by without much heed rendered to it.
I forgot it too.
Worse still, a man who is my own personal Sunbeam, reminded me.

Being a feminist, I stood humiliated.

Photo by Matthew Stone

Photo by Matthew Stone

Here’s how I choose to celebrate it: Gratitude.
For the times, you wanted to cry out loud but held yourself together and in stead gave your sister a shoulder to cry on. Thank you.
For the times you took on yourself the responsibility of giving your family a roof over their head. Thank you.
For the times you worked late for that extra bonus on the salary at workplace and that on smiles at home. Thank you.
For choosing to help move the furniture just because you were a man and hence stronger. Thank you.
For the endless silent sacrifices made without a cringe. Thank you.
And for all that goes unnoticed just as much as Today. Thank you.

The part you play in this drama of life is irreplaceable.

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