Das ist Doch Art!

The Month of Performance Art in Berlin will finish tomorrow with the 2012 MPA-B Performance Art Prize, the first and only international performance art prize! Which performance will win? Come along to the FREE ceremony at the esteemed philosophical venue, the Denkerei and find out!

If you miss it, don’t despair. To round off the evening and the wonderful month of whacky, moving and poignant art, artist group Das ist Doch Kein Art! will be performing the third and final act of “U-Bahn Antigone” at Neukölln’s underground station, U-Neukölln!

If you happen to be travelling on the U7 and the right place and the right time, don’t be alarmed if you spot weird goings-on! The station has not been taken over by crazy people but the normality and routine of the station will be contrasted by the lively performance which will move its way through stations and train carts for both travellers and the audience.

Why an U-Bahn for the location of the performance? As described by the masterminds behind the U-Bahn take-over, “Being practical, precise and repetitive, minimalistic but efficient, these structures excel in peculiar aesthetic beauty. They represent humanity’s greatest achievements but they also encompass its inherent self-destructive potential.” U-Bahns are the self-destructive manifestations of humanity, ’nuff said. 

  • Denkerei “MPA-B Performance Kunstpreis”, 7pm and U-Bahnhof Neukölln “U-Bahn Antigone” performance by Das ist Doch Kein Art! 8pm