Crack Up With Our Berlin Weekend!

The festival season in Berlin is going steady. Creativity is still at its peak and therefore this weekend we are featuring festivals with revival and avant-garde proposals as well as openings. The latter go deeper and deeper into culturally relevant topics such as identity and the relation between body and space in the 21st century.

Thursday July 25th,  2013

Berlin Atonal – “Berlin Atonal 2013” Festival –  2pm [€22 daily ticket / €100 Festival Passport]

This festival will include sensory experiences from site-specific installations, concerts (from 8 pm onwards) and an after show. This legendary Berliner festival is relaunching after 13 years in a different location: an abandoned power-plant turned industrial cathedral. There will also be street food to accompany this sound-feast.


Galerie Born Berlin – "Werner Stoetzer, Angela Dwyer, Biene Feld" Opening – 6pm

We found this opening quite special – the late artists Stoetzer and Dwyer will have their work exhibited with Berlin based painter Biene Feld. The show will feature paintings, drawings and sculptures. To mix a bit with contemporary art, we thought we would take the opportunity to take a look at the past and how it has shaped the present.  

Galerie Jette Rudolph –  “Empathy for the miniaturized self & its prostheses – a representation” Opening- 7pm

This show will feature the works of Alex Tennigkeit, a series of paintings that will be displayed in miniature-size. The artist looks to represent his work in different contexts as installations. For this exhibition at the Jette Rudolph Galerithe, works will be specially selected and arranged. This new format looks to provide the viewers with a more intimate and close connection to the paintings.

Friday July 26th, 2013

AJL Art at Forum Factory – “And now we come all hot pursuit” Opening – 7pm

The young Berlin born artist Will Kempkes will present his paintings of what he imagines life in Afghanistan is like from what he has seen in magazines and other media.  Its not really about that country per se but how the collective imaginary of the unknown is constructed and manifested. We are thrilled by this original experiment!

Import Projects – “The possibility of an island” Finissage – 6pm

A group exhibition featuring eleven international artists who investigate the idea of isolated space. Islands are symbolically charged with the ideas of the inbetween and connection between two different worlds. This exhibition looks to answer if such isolation is possible in current times. Curators Elena Gilbert and Nadim Samman will give a talk at 7:30pm to answer whatever questions may arise before the exhibition closes. Let´s not miss the chance!

Atelierhof Kreuzberg – "MOLT! Speculative Identities" Opening – 6pm

This art happening will be ongoing until July 30th and delve into the issue of identity and how it is built in modern times, given the faded out borders and distances between people. How we connect our internal to our external world will have 40 different representations from international artists. The happening is presenting performances, installations, screenings, talks and “unexpected situations”. Cheers!

Saturday July 27th, 2013

Radialsystem V – "BLASMUSIK – Festival fuer Holz, Blech und Gemuese" Festival – 2pm

This four day long festival will feature every possibility to make instruments out of vegetables. Of course the expected and unexpected will be present, we are hoping for some interesting surprises! New forms, new sounds, new ingredients! There will be a wide variety of concerts with everything from Reinassance music to children´s music.

LEAP – “In search of precise pleasures” Opening – 8pm

This solo Exhibition by Ralf Baecker looks into the possibilities of experimenting pleasure and if that relates to everyday reality or to the images we create for ourselves. The philosophical quest of choosing between the real and the imaginary will be portrayed artistically through different devices and machines that are able to transform states by electrical impulses and mechanical constructions.

Kreuzberg Pavillon – “It is already tomorrow” Opening – 8pm

Three artists Mit Borras, Sébastien Pesot and Judith Sönnicken will present their work related to the themes of democracy and art, body intelligence and its relation to space. The medium used is video, installations, performances and sculptures. Last but not least, delicious soup will be served – we're always excited about that note.

Article by Sofía Martinelli