Club of (Restless) Daughters

Today is your last chance to see the exhibition “Club of Daughters II” (Klub der Töchter II) at Kunsthalle m3. This gem of a ten day exhibition nearly slipped under our radar, but we caught it just in time! So although Sunday’s are meant for those chores like cleaning the bathtub, defrosting the freezer and drinking copious amounts of tea, why not break the tradition of boring Sunday’s and use that restless energy to head to this exhibition in the impressive venue of Kunsthalle m3. The old factory building is a really great venue which impressed the artparasites when they were there for its exhibition “Für Hunde in der Zentralgrube“.

In the latest exhibition here, the artists Marte Kiessling (pictured above ) and Almut Grypstra combine a lot of different medias: video, sculpture, installation and drawing to create a space which “rattles and flickers”. They explore the space with their works and are heavily inspired by the great filmmaker Fritz Lang, most famous for his epic film Metropolis. This is reflected in a focus on video installation. Inspired by greatness, this short running exhibition should itself be pretty great! Today is the last day you can see it, so don’t miss out!

  • Kunsthalle m3 Marte Kiessling, Almut Grypstra “Klub der Tochter II” June 1st – 10th 2012,  Fri – Sun: 3 – 6pm