Closings until 29th April

until Tuesday 24th:

  • Lumas Kurfürstendamm Group Exhibition – “Flower Power”
     It’s your last chance to release your inner-hippie and feel the power of flowers!
until Thursday 26th:
  • Luis Campaña Berlin Matthieu Ronsse – “Alles wechselt”
     Everything changes, including exhibitions! See the paintings of Ronsse, before it’s too late!
until Friday 27th April:

  • Zwinger Galerie  Arranged by Hans-Jürgen Hafner & Gunter Reski “The Happy Fainting of Painting”
    How is painting viewed today? If you want to find out then head to this diverse exhibition at Zwinger Galerie!
until Saturday 28th:
  • Architektur Galerie Berlin AllesWirdGut – “Weg Schauen”
     The design and creation of a building is art, but not always impressive like the projects of AllesWirdGut.
  • Galerie Michael Schultz  Bernd Kirschner – “Lautes Schweigen”
    Blue and pink hues present a dreamy world in Kirschner’s paintings.
  • SAVVY Contemporary Lela Ahmadzai, Lars Bjerre – “Untitled(Absence)”
    Soon this exhibition really will be absent. Explore the art of absence.
  • Stedefreund Anja Majer, Rebecca Michaelis, Arne Schreiber – “difference a bend”
    Perception and observation are examined in this exhibition.
  • Kwadrat Jennifer Oellerich – “Noctilucent Clouds”
     How many times have you gazed at the clouds? Oellerich captures the beautiful clouds you see at night!

until Sunday 29th:

  • Galerie Hiltwasky Frank Horvat – “A Trip Through A Mind (The iPad Exhibition)”
    Not convinced by the ipad? Check out this exhibition, it might just change your mind!
  • Kaleidoskop Bram Braam – “Next Nature”
    Get back to nature with this sculptural installation art.
  • Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Group exhibition – “MYSPACE – Rauminterventionen”
    Images, sculpture and installation investigate different elationships to space and room.
  • Neuer Berliner Kunstverein David Zink Yi
    Havana – what a city! See the city through the incredible video installation and photographs of David Zink Yi.