Clap Your Hands And Say ARTCONNECT!

Last night was the first day of what will be a four-day-long block party to celebrate the art networking organization ARTCONNECT‘s first anniversary! ARTCONNECT is a perfect example of how an “art networking” site should be run – helping people to stay informed and build links in the Berlin art scene, now is the time to gather together and meet other artists or art lovers living in this creative community known as Berlin. We popped on over to join in the festivities and meet more people from the Berlin art scene. Camera-in-hand, we captured some of the special moments and guests from the opening evening!

Yesterday they started the massive celebration with an opening party and exhibition in their headquarters, located in the heart of the Berlin district Neukölln. The rather young crowd engaged in a night full of art, beer, pizza, cake – you name it! If you missed the opening yesterday, don’t worry: There is still plenty of time to show your support, have fun and network! The arty block party goes on the whole weekend. Partnering with different galleries (such as Loophole BerlinIdrawalot, KaleidoskopFrühperle, and SPAR*K) ARTCONNECT still offers 3 days more of music, art and even a fundraising art auction. Since the event takes place in various locations and hours, make sure to check the full schedule here.  

Are you ready to see how the night unfolded?! Follow our picture tour…

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