Celebrate The End Of The World With Artparasites

What are your End of The World plans? This Friday, December 21st 2012, is projected by the Mayans or superstitious, Mayan-calendar-devoted individuals (who are currently resolute on selling all of their belongings on Ebay before the world ends – definitely makes sense…) to be the end of the world as we know it. Instead of a God-sent cicada invasion, wouldn’t you rather go out with a swarm of Artparasites? Well now’s your chance! The Berlin-Artparasites team will be taking over King Size Bar for the final Artist Night party before the world ends, or all hell breaks loose. Come enjoy the beer specials (2,50 Euro), custom-made Artparasites artwork for Artist Night, music and DJing all night courtesy of the delicious Jianca Bagger, and a packed dance floor where you’re guaranteed to get lost in the atmospheric smoke-fog til 6am. 


Watch out! Artparasites Jovanny, Julie Anne and Marie prepare to refine their artistic abilities and make some artwork for Artist Night at King Size Bar. Photo: Chris Phillips

Taking place every Wednesday night without fail, Artist Night was initiated by Martin Kwade of the Berlin gallery KWADRAT and is a place for art enthusiasts in Berlin to meet up and let loose for a mid-week break. Flowing and affordable beer (make sure to stick to the beer, Jäger shots run at 5 Euro a piece!) and upbeat music from electro to 80s hip hop fill the compact bar and dance floor. Artist Night at King Size Bar has also made our list of the best places to find attractive men and art in Mitte, so ladies and gentlemen, do you need more of a reason? 

This is your formal invitation to come meet the Artparasites and surround yourselves in Berlin arty-awesomeness. The event starts at 9pm, so make sure to get there early as it will definitely get packed. And if the world doesn’t end, afterall, on Friday, you’ll have had at least a pretty banging Wednesday night with the Artparasites! See you at King Size!

  • King Size Bar – Artist Night Berlin-Artparasites Special – Wednesday, December 19th 2012: 9pm-6am [Entry: free]
Article written by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck