Catch the Colour

You only have one and a half days left to check out the paintings of Lars Teichmann at the gallery FELDBUSCHWIESNER in Mitte which will finish tomorrow. The exhibition “Arena” shows an almost nightmarish world through bold and bright colours. Splashes and dashes become a lion, horse or who knows what, and the paintings are based around one colour giving a dream like feel. Though there is a dangerous side to the paintings which seem to show a world-gone-bad. Birds with ruffled feathers and evil stares glare down at something below, and a purple horse rears in a threatening manner.

In another room, you enter a portrait room like those in grand old houses. The subjects have taken on stately poses, but their features are missing. Bodiless and faceless forms “stare” out at you as you wonder what this is saying about history and perception. It was easy for Teichmann to obscure the identity and personality of the subject which makes you question how far other historical paintings have been obscured to create false images of people, especially in history.

  • FELDBUSCHWIESNER “Arena” Lars Teichmann, 17th March – 21st April 2012, Wed – Sat: 12pm – 7 pm and by appointment