Can You Keep A Secret?

What struck me about the unique situation was the way in which I was viewing the art. It focused concentration on appreciating each piece for what it is not for its reputation, the reputation of the gallery or what you have heard about the exhibition. There is no pressure to feel a certain way about the work and because there was no one else there, there was no pressure to look at the pieces in a certain way. I met Cristina Navarro, the lady who thought-up the secret cabinet. She told me that the exhibition is not about the “here we are” which is a pretentious attitude that takes pride and satisfaction in reputation. By taking away fame and creating an unglorified kind of art, an intimate situation has arisen!

Let’s get a Little Closer

This seems to be all about getting close to the art. I felt uncomfortable at first when I realised I had to touch the art to unlock its secrets! You don’t touch art, it felt naughty but good! By touching the art you are connecting with it and you also have to take actions to view it. As Cristina Navarro intended, making the effort acts as a reminder of the effort the artists made. The experience and ideas behind the project are encouraging. Could this be the new way to view art?

A Game of Hide and Seek

The room may be hidden, but it’s not really hiding, just waiting to be found! On leaving the cabinet I found that it was attached to a Café where I had a great Cappuccino! I won’t give you the name of this Café though or it won’t be a secret anymore! I’m also not going to say what I thought of the works within as it’s all about making the effort and deciding for yourself…and I don’t want to spoil the fun! Collect the map…see where it leads you!