Break Out Of Your Cocoon This Weekend!

Come one come all! On this weekend's menu we've got some great openings and panties. Ahem, parties – sorry, Freudian slip (been thinking about that sex party coming up). After checking out the exhibitions, be prepared to get your freak on because, with the art/fashion and sex parties (on separate days, fortunately), you'll have enough on your hands. Literally.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Sameheads – "Tekmak-Mayakon" Opening – 4-10pm

Show us your dot. This fashion/art party, packed with art, installations, Japanese food & drink, music, and strict dress code, promises to show us the Japanese avant-garde style: Japan-garde. “NO DOT, NO LIFE!” screams at us artist and organizer Tekmak-Mayakon. Got it? Come dressed in dots. Or else.

Sprüth Magers Berlin – "1970s Solid-Light Works" Opening – 6pm

Threesome in three dark rooms. Heavily influencing film and installation since the 70s, powerhouse artist Anthony McCall brings three of his seminal works to Berlin. Three dark rooms will be the setting for these “solid-light” works in which “a volumetric form composed of projected light slowly materializes in three-dimensional space.” Works on paper and old notebooks by the artist will also be on view for you dialog fans.

Galerie Root am Savignyplatz – "Stilles Leben – Grenzenlos Malerei" Opening – 7pm

Double whammy. Two painters, one topic: in their individual styles, Margit Buß and Manfred Schieber approach the Still Life genre from two different angles. Buß brings her experimental, abstract and informal eye while Schieber goes hyper-realistic all the way. Come see these two styles clash on the same subject!

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Whiteconcepts – "Moneyworks – Kunst mit Geld" Opening – 7pm​

Make it rain. With their art on their money and their money on their art, Whiteconcepts and Sammlung Haupt put together this exhibition of, well, “Money Works:” art made from or about money. Quoting Henry Ford, Nicole F. Loeser, founder of Whiteconcepts, draws us in with, “It is well enough that people do not understand our banking and monetary system, if they did there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." Ouch. 

AKA – "Are You By Any Chance Scoffing At Me?" Opening – 8pm

Sexy, nasty, cool. This is an exhibition of drawings by … wait for it …"Ango The Meek Dead." No he’s not that famous (yet) but with that name and the art he’s bringing, it’s just a matter of time. Honestly, no need to bring any psychedelics and aphrodisiacs to this exhibition, the drawings will do the job 😉 

Loftus Hall – "Pornceptual: Futuristic Porn" Party – 11pm

​Fucking like it’s 2069. Here’s an idea: how will sex be in the far future? 2069 is the chosen year for the time capsule Pornceptual unveils today. We hear rumors of a glow-stick dildo performance. Cum see for yourself!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Galerie Rolando Anselmi – "No Flock For Blind Shepherds" Opening – 6pm

​A hole in all of us. “It's a 100% sculpture show only made with glass and wood, the materials become alive!” tells us gallerist Rolando Anselmi about the work of Davide Balliano. The title refers to “the impossibility of understanding without having a clear picture of all the elements.” Don’t be fooled by the silent, pristine and beautiful artwork hanging on the walls and on the floor, though: this show is really about emptiness; Balliano’s way of exploring a dark side of our existence. 

Galerie Max Hetzler – "Christoph Nieman" Opening – 6pm

Ball so hard. Illustrator artist and author Christoph Nieman – who under his belt has a google doodle made from his work – comes at us with some absurd drawings from his various creative periods. The exhibition is also a celebration of the gallery’s 40-year anniversary. For the occasion, the artist has also created a series of metaphoric images from the world of soccer – since both gallerist and artist share the same affinity for VfB Stuttgard, where they are both from. 

Capitain Petzel – "I Cannot Repeat What I Hear" Opening – 6pm

If it looks the way it sounds. Poetry and photography engage in a conceptual flirt on the hands of Natalie Czech in her first solo show at Capitain Petzel. “The artist transforms literary strategies into visual ones and virtually writes the poems by employing the medium of photography.” Czech goes deep though (despite the mouthful of artspeak found in the press release). Look closely, you'll see.

Sealed with approval by the Artparasites Team