Brace Yourselves: Winter Is Headed This Way

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong, who we recently interviewed, spoils us with his version of the Game Of Thrones world. Beautifully advantageous, these violent photos capture the art of the series in a stark, still form (not to mention Arya and Sansa Stark all grown up). We may have to wait a few more months after Christmas until the return of the hit TV series for its fourth season but, until then, let's enjoy the fantastic photos Von Wong has created for us:

Sansa Stark. Photo: VonWong

Sansa Stark. Photo: VonWong

Arya Stark. Photo: VonWong

The White Walkers. Photo: VonWong

A White Walker. Photo: VonWong

Sansa and Arya Stark and the White Walkers. Photo: VonWong

Sansa & Arya Stark survive the White Walkers. Photo: VonWong

The Wildling. Photo: VonWong

Benjen Stark and a White Walker. Photo: VonWong

How did he do it? Take a look at this behind the scenes footage:

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Article by Ken Greenwood