Boy, Girl And Fate

Watercolor by Zoe Mironova

Watercolor by Zoe Mironova

boy and girl meet up at the edge of their fate

girl asks, “what do you see in me? why are you still here?”
boy thinks these are such absurd questions
boy simply replies, “nature.”
boy said, am simply here same reason the moon or the sun don’t leave earth
or the same reason stars align to form constellations
and you are my gravity
my collapse is imminent if we parted
and what do i see in you?
i see a journey like no other
and stories i can tell our children
and a bittersweet ending
girl said, you are taking all my air
i need space.
boy said, i’ll gladly do
wrap a bit of the cosmos for you
girl found her solace in silence
found her peace in his absence
boy only found pain in her abstinence
she was the only kingdom that refused his dominanceshe is his last testament
their suffering will be his salvation
boy is diseased with her
and her love is his denied inoculation

he is girl’s safe haven
her own private piece of heaven
but surrounded by hell fire
get close and you get burnt
go far and get burnt again

boy said stay, and i will heal you
fix you
break myself to fit you
girl replied: what a naive little boy

you can’t fix me for i am not broken
i just come here for the thrill
and you were one hell of a ride
i will make sure i remember you
in bits and pieces in the next boy i meet

i collect boys’ hearts in this little jar
watch them wither, watch them weep
it pains me, that they always make this fatal leap
for me

but you
your fires left beautiful wounds on me
and they will always leave you written within me
in scars made of poetry
so thank you, for making me your masterpiece

but the boy knew all along
that he was nothing but a small line
in her ode to half loves and
temporary ecstasies

boy said: no, thank you, beautiful girl
now i have nothing more to lose
so the next time we meet at the edge of our fate
i will be ready to fall
wholly. completely, disastrously

will you?

Written by Amin Isaac