Bottoms Up: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

We have a little bit of everything for your diet this weekend––from quantum physics, to 80s rock ‘n’ roll, to parrot soup, to Peru in the 60s and a certain madame oktopus––this weekend’s cocktail of events is sure to satisfy every tastebud in your art palate. 

Thursday February 28, 2013

Grimmuseum – Luca Pozzi “The Messages of Gravity” Opening – 7-10pm

This will be the first solo exhibition by artist Luca Pozzi in Berlin. The hybrid installations for this exhibition, both in materials and thought, come after more than two years of research into the fields of Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory and Non Commutative Geometry. Using gravity as a medium in an original way, his heavily informed projects blend both science and art. Artist and researcher also blend into one, aiming “to extend the possible emerging of interdisciplinary correspondences to a beautiful network of pure information.”

Künstlerhaus BethanienKB Resident Artist Opening Exhibitions – 7-10pm 

Five residents of Kunstlerhaus Bethanien will be opening the doors to their bodies of work. This is not a group show, however, as each artist is presenting his/her own unique proposals. Gerry Bibby has constructed a “social oven” that includes a wide selection of artists he has collaborated with, Michael Lee engages with the notion of solitude in our physical spaces, Erina Matsui focuses on memory through self-portraiture, Jasper Sebastian Stürup presents his delicately crafted drawings, paintings and fur sculptures, while Marie Zolamian, after a residency in Palestine, finds herself questioning the significance of belonging to a territory or community and the conditions that bring about this mentality. With five openings for the price of one (free, actually), there’s something here for everyone!

Stattbad BerlinSubkultur / Berlin 80 – 7pm

Party time! How does this sound: “A live 360° audio visual installation showing footages of seminal 1980’s concerts in Berlin, filmed, recovered and remastered by !K7 Records and mixed live by VJ MOX (Ninja Tune).” Alright, if that is not convincing enough, check out the teaser trailer for this event!

Friday March 1, 2013

Supportico Lopez – Zin Taylor “Parrot Soup” Opening – 6-9pm

No this is not a dinner party but a solo exhibition by Zin Taylor that refers to language, stories and the collection of thoughts from the space that surrounds us. “Parrot Soup” is more food for thought than for the stomach. From the press release: As the parrot takes flight, the stories become part of the air. This bird floats through the trees, talking as it goes. Vocalized propositions filling the atmosphere, residues of speech and thought settling onto the landscape below. Ideas about one thing are collected into forms of another. Parrot Soup is the telling of stories, where thoughts about the big are relayed through the small. Parrot Soup is language in space.

Barbara Thumm – Teresa Burga “The Sixties” Opening – 7-9pm

Peruvian artist Teresa Burga experiments with pop art, visual poetry, conceptual, audio-visual and information art. Her long artistic trajectory has orbited around questions of representation, mass culture, constructions of femininity and the mechanization and bureaucratization of labor and everyday life. The artist for this exhibition, using over three hundred motives that are iconic of the Peruvian pop of the 1960s, has reconstructed fifty-two prisms that she made back in 1968.

Peres Projects – ” ‘I’m Ok.’ Moments later, he was shot” Opening – 7pm

This is the debut solo show of German artist David Ostrowski with Peres Projects. Coincidentally, this will also be the grand opening of Peres Projects’s new location at Karl-Marx-Allee 82. As for what to expect from the show, we’re going to have to wait to find out. The only information given on the press release is a a diologue from Seinfeld between Jerry and George, which leads me to think this show might really be about nothing. Read said press release here.

Saturday March 2, 2013

C/O Berlin – “Bye Bye Mitte. Book Bazaar” Sale – 12pm

C/O Berlin is leaving its current location in March and, for a reduced price, they are getting rid of a selected number of photo books, magazines, catalogs and posters––from large editions to signed copies. Don’t miss this opportunity!

AJLart – Maryna Baranovska “Madame Oktopus” Opening – 6pm

We were giving a little scoop of this painting exhibition back in early January when we spoke with the artist about her New Year resolutions. From what she tells us, you can expect the exhibition to have the aura of fairytales, myth, wonder, covered, of course, within her own subjective sense of reality (and surreality). 

Capitain Petzel – Diango Hernández “Komplette Zimmer” Opening – 6pm

“Lines follow strange patterns specially if they are drawn on a piece of paper. Maybe nothing better than a drawing can describe that strange moment when thoughts are brought into the same reality that our bodies temporarily occupy.” Cuban artist Diango Hernández believes blindly in the power of drawing and this solo exhibition will put his words to the test. He continues, “The question I asked myself many times while walking through the Colon cemetery of Havana is about to find an answer within the Komplette Zimmer exhibition: Why we care more about a cemetery than a city?”

Article by Jovanny Varela Ferreyra