Bona fide: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

We don’t need or need no stinkin' summer—this is Berlin, we can party year round! (That said, Mr. Sun, if you would please come shine on us, it would be much appreciated.) In the meantime, we’ve got everything you need to party like it’s not 8 degrees in late May:

Thursday May 30, 2013

Volcom – Dean Rosenzweig / AKA Dextrose Solo Show – 7pm

We caught up with SWag in the studio just a few month’s ago—now’s your chance to see the gallery and street art legend up close and personal. Head to the Volcom Store Thursday night for some street art, SWag-style!

Urban Spree – El Segundo. Instinctive Travels to the Haupstadt – 7pm

According to the BBC, Germany is now one of the most popular countries on the planet—but what do you think: does Berlin live up to the hype? Curator Lukas Feireiss invited Dutch artists Baschz Leeft and Janjoost Jullens to co-host an exhibition examining the issue. Knowing this city, the results should be absolutely scandalous!

Merkezi – Der Nebel der Welt – 7pm

What’s Thursday night in Berlin without a little collage? Unimaginable, you say? Unthinkable, you cry? Fear not! Head to Merkezi for your daily dose of hipster with a nice refreshing gulp of art to wash it all down!

Friday May 31, 2013

Thore Krietemeyer – Cumuli: Artist talk with Annette Hollywood & Moira Zoitl – 6pm

Let’s face it, hoarders are horrifying, but "stuff" is exactly the opposite. When kept within reason, accumulations of things can offer fascinating insight. Join us at Galerie Thore Krietemeyer for an exploration of “[the] various possibilities in the use of previously accumulated things by artists.” That said, you might want to set aside some time for cleaning out your closet ahead of time; there is every possibility that this exhibition will be as inspiring as it is inventive.

AJLArt – Favor of Tides – 6pm

We may not be enjoying nature in the actual great outdoors, but there’s still a chance to get some biology into your system with Bettina Ebel’s evocative abstract paintings depicting rocky coastlines, epic beaches and stormy shores at AJL Art. Join us to take a look at exactly what the tides dragged in through the lens of this sensitive and elegant painter.

Team Titanic – The Center for Epigenetic Cloning – 7pm

According to the curators: “An American researcher has developed the world's first trouble-free human cloning technique, promising to make replication of people as routine as downloading movies. To market the new methodology, which applies the emerging field of epigenetics, experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats is launching a Berlin-based company that will duplicate some of the most famous living people, including Lady Gaga and Angela Merkel. The company will also clone some of the most well-known figures in history, including Jesus Christ.” Enough said.

Sameheads – Come, Alive – 8pm

There are certain words you don’t often hear associated with music, “Hegelian” is one of them and “Mutant” is another. So, you could say we were more than a tad bit titillated by the idea of psych-mutant funk-distorted soul music from an old school Russian hip-hop enthusiast. Seriously, how could you possibly pass this up?

Saturday June 1, 2013

The WYE – Strings Attached – 2-10pm

Strings attached feels like a networking event on creative steroids. Beginning on June 1st, the event hall at The WYE will be transformed into a participatory installation that represents the cogs and wheels of Berlin’s art scene and how they fit together. Hanging gloves designed by each participating artist will be placed throughout the room and visitors are invited to curate their own gloves and attach strings to existing gloves to indicate past and future working relationships. Makes sense? Good. See you there!

Arsenal – A Night at the Archives: La Hora de los Hornos – 7pm

Can you think of anything better than a kick-ass foreign film to fill up a rainy weekend? If you answered nothing at all, than head on over to the Arsenal theater for a screening of the three-part, four-hour and twenty minute Argentinean political documentary. Make sure to order the large popcorn!

Article by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch