Blow Me A Kiss On This Berlin Weekend!

Since summer is already a fact, we are catering artist collectives, people reading poems, talks that will be 'short and sweet' and our classic and iconoclast openings. We are including our favorite leitmotivs: history, identity, social discourse and, of course, celebrations. Hop on this weekend rollercoaster!

Thursday July 11th, 2013

Deutscher Künstlerbund – "Memories of Future Desires" – 7pm

Artist Christine Schulz will present a multimedia installation with photographs. Traveling these days is not the same as when Kublai Kahn or Marco Polo journeyed through the world. The idea of moving has been modified by network communications –  being present with our body has almost gone out of date. The artist explores how we deal with already knowing a place without having been there empirically. This oxymoron of a name has tempted us! 


II II // I – "Nothing Under The Feet" Opening – 7pm

This exhibition features two young artists from Spain. The interesting part is that they are long-time collaborators and their art revolves around object construction in order to leap to new realities. This girl-boy team renders a tragicomic tone with their pieces. We recommend guiding your feet toward their opening!

KW Institute for Contemporary Art – Pecha Kucha: The Bet – 8pm [€3]

Pecha Kucha are traditional talks given worldwide. The format is to show slides to keep the fast-paced rhythm. This time Berlin will be hosting eight speakers that will deal with division, equality and sharing.  The concepts of winning, losing and betting will be addressed by this interesting crowd of orators.

Friday July 12th, 2013

Tanya Leighton Gallery – "Portikus Under Construction" Opening – 6pm

Portikus is an exhibition hall for contemporary art in Frankfurt am Main. This exhibition will show Helke Bayrle’s documentation of Portikus since 1992, displaying artists' preparations for openings and their interactions with curators and art-handlers. It’s not often we get a sneak peek into the intimacy of the art world, so we definitely recommend this one!

 C/O Berlin – "Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails" Opening – 7pm

The Amerika Haus is one of Berlin’s most amazing historic gold mines. The name of this exhibition is a strong combination of keywords that characterize certain historic events. Since the building is currently under construction, both the historical and the contemporary photographs will be shown open-air. Like an installation, it will finish in situ with our presence!

Berlininische Galerie – "The Findings" – 7pm

We have been paying a lot of attention to events regarding the notions of identity and space awareness. To complete the spectrum, we are including these screenings from Andy Graydon that will explore the “ecology of perception.” As if that weren’t enough, there will also be live music!

Saturday July 13th, 2013

Urban Spree – "The Circle Show" Opening – 7pm

The perfect circle: this exhibition will feature Urban Spree’s creative network. They will all contribute with a piece resembling the shape of a circle. This symbol of loyalty and construction is touching and motivating to celebrate our dear Berlin art spaces. Stay connected and pay them a visit!

The Future Gallery – "Schift" Opening– 7pm

This group exhibition will be taking place in the lovely-looking Future Gallery. The image chosen to represent the opening caught our attention: it’s a surreal collage of two images with a clear summery connotation. We are excited to see some amazing artists like Amalia Ulman and Matt Groenzen there!

ExileIrregular Readings – 7pm

Written and pictorial art join forces to invite us to an evening of readings by writers and artists. Artist Katharina Marszewski’s finissage is also part of this event. Other speakers will be an alluring mixture of art critics, poets and philosophers. The evening will also include a bit of music. Check out what these ‘literature-driven madmen’ have to offer!

Article by Sofia Martinelli