Blast From The Past

TGIF, berlin-artparasites! Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1999? Errrr, 2011! That’s right – this evening, October 5th 2012, LEAP promises to transport you to the hectic happenings of last year for the opening of its newest exhibition, “20111111111111111s” (pronounced: two-thousand elevens).


The interdisciplinary art space LEAP, Lab For Electronic Arts And Performance, has called upon 14 international artists to present you with their interpretation of some of last year’s towering events, ranging from the Arab Spring to Wikileaks. Each artist will present his fragmented memory in a range of tangible mediums and will focus on how the events of 2011 were relayed through mainstream media and social networks.

2011 Was Not Just About Earthquakes 

Although the international variance of the group is promising (only one artist is from Germany), we are excited to see the works of a few artists in particular. First, Kinema Nippon, organized by Aily Nash and Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson, will present experimental film works dissecting Japan’s recent rocky history as a benefit for the Japanese disaster relief.

Nadia Kaabi-Linke, a Tunisian artist now based in Berlin, practices “documentary sculpture” by creating artworks with indexical relationships to her environment. For instance, in the past she has documented the bodily traces of people waiting at bus stops or created impressions of the physical traces of domestic abuse.

 genitalinternational-Melanie BonajoPhotograph by Melanie Bonajo for Genital International.

Finally, Dutch photographer and performance artist Melanie Bonajo, pictured above, creates witty works that fuse criticism of the modern human condition with a quirky and lighthearted touch. The photograph above is an example of one of her surreal spectacles.

If this artistic blast from the recent past does not suit your fancy, we hope jams from DJ MFK (Urban Mutations) will keep your spirits up. But seriously, who isn’t down for some good ole fashioned time travel?

  • ? LEAP  “20111111111111111s”  – Opening Friday, October 5th 2012: 20:00; Exhibition from October 6th to 19th 2012, Tue – Sat 12:00-18:00
Article by Patricia Restrepo