Black Out: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

Time to sashay your little butt out of bed, New York, because we’ve got a great crop of listings for your weekend. Whether you’re looking for a scholarly panel discussion focused on how artists can make a buck in the new millennium or want to read some hot-off-the-presses erotic literature, here’s where you should be.

Thursday March 14, 2013

Hasted Krauetler – Erwin Olaf’s “Berlin” opening – 6-8pm

In addition to Olaf’s portraits of the city of Berlin, which range from simple streetscapes to surrealist portraits, “Berlin” displays a series of of eerie pictures pictures that capture the artist’s aging process. Also on display: Olaf’s “Keyhole” series, which includes a series of phtoographs exploring the subject of shame. Viewers can hop on the bandwagon by looking through a keyhole and exploring shame themselves.

Museum of Arts and Design – “Supply / Demand pt 1 Radio” Internet discussion – 7-9pm

The first in a series of three curated discussions on the transformation of the Audio Visual Media arts and industries, this panel explores the years 1999 to 2004––when the going was good in the Napster industry and podcasts were just a fuzzy technological blip on the far horizon. The chat will feature Alexis Bhagat, Co-founder and director of ((audience)), Jonathan Jay (Studio X) and Jon Anderson (Director of Broadcast Journalism, Department of Television and Radio, CUNY), and promises to focus on practical advice for artists hoping to navigate the changing media landscape.

Klompching Gallery – “Conflict & Costume” opening – 6-8pm

For “Conflict and Costume,” photographer Jim Naughten traveled to Namibia, where he photographed the 19th-century-evocative clothing of the Namibian people against the background of the desert they live in. Heavy subject, but fabulous outfits nonetheless. Make sure to stop on by.

Friday March 15, 2013

Sloan Fine Art – “Undertow 3” opening – 6-8pm

A group exhibition to warm the hearth of Sloan Fine Art’s new home, “Undertow 3″ explores what happens when you invite artists to explore the theme of undertow––being dragged back into something that they’ve tried to escape. The multimedia art show is the third, reinvigorated installment of a group exhibition that ran at the Aidan Savoy Gallery in New York and Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle. Dress your best, cause a group of the artists will join for the Friday opening, and these folks have class.

myplasticheartnyc – “The New Adventures of Awesome Bear” opening – 6-9pm

Philip Lumbang has trotted out his cartoon character Awesome Bear, an imminently snuggly bear cub, in several shows before, and here breaks him out for a series of new adventures. Awesome Bear in ink on paper! Awesome Bear in oil on wood! It’s a veritable feast for the hungry eyes of cuddly-mammal lovers.

NURTUREart Gallery – “On the Golden Wire For Thirty-Four” – 7-9pm

A collaboration between Marysia Gacek, Natalie Häusler and Katharina Marszewski, “Thirty-Four” explores what happens when a care package is assembled and then shipped between Berlin, Glasgow and New York, being transformed by one of the artists each time. For the exhibit, the final product will be on display, as will other works inspired by their Transatlantic project.

Saturday March 16, 2013

White Box – avant garde variety show – 7-9pm

An erotic reading. Music videos. An exploration of the DNA of sound. All this and more at this year’s avant-garde variety show, a busy evening of performances, whose highlights will include a reading form Alain-Arris Misson’s new erotic book and a performance of the “shortest piece in the history of music.” Get there early, and anticipate the strange.

Five Myles – “Abstraction and Empathy” opening – 6-8pm

In 1908, Wilhelm Worringer declared, “The will to abstraction is to be understood as one of the two aesthetic impulses known to human culture, the other, of course, being the urge to empathy.” Here, four artists, ranging from painters to photographers, explore the abstraction and empathy impulse, asking whether the two really serve at the cross-purposes Worringer suggests.

CUE Art Foundation – Soi Park solo exhibition opening – 6-8pm

Close out your Saturday with a trip to Soi Park’s contemplative, photography exhibition, meditative photos, of nature and of people, which explores how families change as they cross time and space, especially when they immigrate.