Better One Big Ring On The Street Than In The Ear

It’s that beautiful time of year again: families come together, resolutions are made, snow is (sometimes) on the ground, and NOTHING IS OPEN! For those of you with an art itch that needs a good scratching, thank you’re lucky stars you’re in Berlin! This city has some of the best public art sites in Europe. Besides the last remaining pieces of The Wall that stand, Berlin showcases some of the world’s best graffiti works, as well as several public art sculptures by some of the renowned artists. So out on your jacket, grab your camera, and get your BVG ticket: it’s time for a Berlin art walk.

Yellow Man by The Pandolfo Brothers – Off the Schlesisches Tor stop in Kruezberg you can find one of the most iconic pieces of contemporary street art: a giant painting stands off Oppelner Straße by Brazilian duo Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. This is a definite “not-to-be-missed” piece of street art by a highly sought-after identical twin art team.

The Brothers by BLU – While you’re in the neighborhood, street artist BLU has for you his gigantic piece by the Spree. On Curvystraße, this piece expands across two buildings and currently looks over an Occupy Movement campsite.

Molecule Man Sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky – Walk a little bit further along the Spree going east and you’ll see a giant walking on water. This is actually a piece by American artist Jonathan Borofsky from a series entitled Molecule Man. This huge piece of public artwork looks best from the nearby bridge during sunset, so plan accordingly.

The Riding Bikes by Robert Rauschenberg – Next, hop on the U-Bahn and take the train west to Potsdamer Platz, home to Berlin’s favorite movie theater, best museums, and coincidentally some great public art sculptures. While you fight through the streets crowded with tourists, you can find a piece by the American art titan Robert Rauschenberg. This pair of cycles at Fontaneplatz is illuminated at night, so perhaps save this one for when the moon is out for a really spectacular view.

The Boxers by Keith Haring – Finally, a couple hundred meters away, the late New York graffiti artist Keith Haring has placed two large, figurative pieces done in his familiar cartoonish style. Entitled “The Boxers,” this piece is a prime example of the artist’s large steel sculptures from his last years on Earth.

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There are so many places to visit and see that are open to the public 24/7 here in Berlin. For more information, check out our list of the best graffiti pieces in Kruezberg and beyond!

Article by James Shaeffer