Berlin Weekend Unchained

This month's first weekend will provide a new take on some good ol' topics. The cocktail is a mixture between innovative and recycled media, controversial issues looked at from different perspectives and surprisingly cool – and long – exhibition names.  Let's embrace July and its clear sky over Berlin as the peek of the summer season! 

Thursday July 4th, 2013

Künstlerhaus Bethanien – "One's Own Grey" Opening – 7pm

This very appealing name accounts for Cauchi’s endeavor: black and white photography and its challenge to our perception as 21st century viewers. He uses the 19th century process of collodion and thus provides the illusion of a distant and mysterious past. Even though they have been taken recently, his photographs play with our perception by mixing different lighting and empty spaces. Being an artisan in the age of technical reproducibility is big accomplishment on our book. We will be at this opening to see what you think!

Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) – "Domestic Utopias" Screening – 8pm

The screening of the movie “Za Żelazną Bramą” is part of Domestic Utopias, a project at NGBK that explores utopian concepts and forms of communal life. The director Heidrun Holzfeind will be there conversing with the viewers. The film portrays inhabitants of Za Żelazną Bramą​, a housing complex in Warsaw, who talk about their everyday life in a real socialist utopia. This critical view on the private sphere of home and its gender-specific controversies provides an interesting debate regarding space and productivity. Going to the screening will for sure trigger an interest in visiting the general exhibition!

Badeschiff – Fashion Week Berlin Party – 8pm

We don’t want to leave out all the festival fun, so here’s the invitation for a party held at Badeschiff. Fashion Week will be running until July 7th, you can check the program for more info. This party has an enthralling line up prepared for you after all the catwalk fun!

Friday July 5th, 2013

VeneKlasen/Werner – "Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict” Opening – 6pm

This group exhibition takes its name from a 1969 Pink Floyd track in Ummagumma. Starting from the premise that this song combines experimental sound compositions, the group exhibition will be working with the concept of language and how it has evolved during the last centuries to understand the ideas of “now” and “self.” This show is all about exploring the rhythm of change – we can’t wait to listen to to it!

Reception – “Memorié et doublier" Opening – 8pm

The artist Katrin Mayer works with Installations that are always site-specific. Therefore, the experiment changes when she switches cities and art venues. She explores memory and forgetfulness as pillars of the art-making process. The idea of space and structure provide a different take on material usage and duration. An artist’s meta reflections are always amusing and captivating to understand the energetic and ever-changing force that art is.

Mindpirates – "The Eye Has to Travel" Opening – 9pm

This exhibition features the artist souziehaas and her vision of the role of women and gender in society. She follows the esthetic  guidelines of Camp and looks to question conventions using an exaggerated and playful manner. The topic of gender is always present in modern debates – that is why we want to be present: to witness this connotative and charged installation. 

Saturday July 6th, 2013

Tanas – "Agoraphobia: Tanas in Dialogue" – 2pm

Agoraphobia is the exhibition currently being shown at Tanas and it deals with questions of public domain, politics and freedom of speech. In this framework, they've invited a different speaker every Saturday to discuss various topics around these ideas. The invitee this time is Udo Kittelmann, Director of the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. We have been covering issues regarding art and the democratic apparatus so we herewith invite our readers to delve deeper into these topics by sharing their views with a specialist. 

Schinkel Pavillon – "In between" – 7pm

On a past weekend art events article, we included  Jeremy Shaw’s exhibition– a 16mm film that places the transgender vogue dancer, Leiomy Maldonado, within the aesthetics of Norman McLaren's 1968 ballet film, "Pas de deux." This time, film-curator and art historian Marc Glöde will be there to discuss filmic elements, special effects and references with the artist, focusing on the depiction of states in between. We like to follow up with events so that treats like this will be available for readers that enjoyed the exhibition!

Open Walls – “La Petite Mort” Opening – 8pm

Blo is a French street artist that is holding a retrospective of his work done in the late nineties. He will be presenting his depictions of isolation and the destructive elements of his youth. As a link to another exhibition, it's interesting to note that female bodies are a big part of the show, which viewers could relate to the Mindpirates exhibition – you know, to contrast the “male gaze."

Article by Sofía Martinelli