Berlin Weekend: A Riot Of Color!

Looks like the sun is shining again and the city is regaining its color! This weekend we bring you a combo – featuring mainly openings – of national and international artists that work with concepts of space, media and visual juxtaposition. Check out these artist revivals, new discoveries and some mystery exhibitions. Berlin is showing its true colors, don't miss out!

Thursday June 27th, 2013

Capitain Petzel – "Crossing Over" Opening – 6pm

​The conceptual English artist, John Stezaker, is having a solo exhibition. He creates collages with film stils, postcards and publicity images. He has been working since the '70s but has gained more recognition during the last decade. It is rarely we get the opportunity to discover an importance art influence these days and even more to be able to attend his solo exhibition. We'll be present at the opening and share our views!


Galerie Invaliden1 – "Every Body Knows" Opening – 6pm

Nicolás Robbio is an Argentinean artist who lives and works in Sao Paulo. "The work of Robbio seeks, through lines, cuts and superposition, to bring new meanings to the structure of ordinary objects." He draws bi-dimensionally to outline objects' relationship with space. We love the sound of this mixture between drawing and creating a bi-dimensional sculpture! 

Akademie der Künste – "Plastiken am Hanseatenweg" Opening – 6pm

​We rarely have the possibility to include sculpture exhibition openings, we are therefore excited about this one! Rolf Szymanski is a legendary Berlin-based artist. The central theme of this Iron and Bronze sculptures is the human figure. The sculptures give the sense of undergoing a transition; a transformation. There is vital energy to these creations and they are worth the visit to Akademie der Künste today!

Friday June 28th, 2013

Johann König – "Low visibilityOpening – 6pm

Amalia Pica is an Argentinian London-based artist. She has exhibited her work in various cities in the United States and all over Europe. She explores the concept of miscommunication through Art: how sometimes we feel more comfortable by understanding that we must not always understand what is being conveyed. Messages, interpretation and our right to communicate as citizens are the central topics of her work. Her work includes drawings, photographs, installations, performances and slide projections. She uses simple materials to address meaningful topics – don't miss out on this meta-artistic reflection!

September – "G A S" Opening – 7pm

Elmar Vestner is a Berlin-based artist that works on paper, collages, plots, and painted and sanded photographs, which exist in various different stages of dissolution and transition. His approach is to transform them visually by "applying and removing paint, by scratching and dissolving, systematically deconstructing the pictorial surfaces." He normally works with natural landscapes and configures them in an abstract and figurative way. This playful reflection on life's ephemerality is what's attracting us!

LSD Galerie Berlin – "Neubau Stuck" Opening – 7pm

Anneke Eussen is a Dutch artist whose interest arose by her acknowledgement that the post-war buildings in Berlin preserved an alternative map of what the city must have looked like after Germany’s capitulation in 1945. After WW2, a modernist architectural idea was to reduce architecture to its essentials. "Considering Berlin's appearance today, one could recognize this humble attitude in a very unspectacular skyline." She will present an installation of Berlin's patchwork architecture; a fusion of different styles. Berlin's gold mine of history is a treat, so is this exhibition!

Saturday June 29th, 2013

Circleculture Gallery – "Art Napping" Live painting – 2pm

If you want to join a good cause, this is the right event: Circleculture Gallery has organized the second round to an exhibition that looks to sell art in order to help children in need. Let's make space for the social aspect to art by promoting shows like this and encouraging other artists to take part. More for children, more for art, more for you!

Souterrain – "VehiculaOpening – 5pm

Katharina Hohmann is a Swiss born artist, professor and curator. She will be presenting a moveable installation at Souterrain. "A mobile unit" and "pointless objects" will accompany this installation. The artist works with various themes: everyday phenomena, open spaces and language. A photo series by Olga Hohmann will also be exhibited. We like the mystery to this one!

Lüttgenmeijer – "LabyrinthsOpening – 7pm

Christopher Kline is a North American Berlin-based artist. The gallery is keeping pretty quiet regarding what he is presenting, but after checking out his work, we learned that he is a versatile and explorative artist. He has done installation, performances as well as painting and drawing. Embrace the mystery and visit this show!

Article by Sofía Martinelli