Berlin Art Week: Here We Go!

It’s finally Berlin Art Week! The city will be flooded by art events, including fairs, gallery exhibitions and parties. With dozens of options, it’s easy to get lost. But we are here to guide you! The berlin-artparasites crew have separated the wheat from the tares for you. Check our list for the first day of this very exciting Art Week:

 C/O Berlin – “Timeless Beauty”
We start off Berlin Art Week by taking you to the top photography exhibitions in Berlin. Chasing the theme of beauty, the tour starts at C/O Berlin, where you can find the work of the most famous fashion photographers in history (Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, and Nick Knight, among others).

Akademie der Künste – “The Alchemist” 11am-7pm
After seeing this display of what is considered like “Timeless Beauty, it’s time to continue our photographic adventure questioning what beauty really is. We invite you to explore the experimental images created by “The Alchemist” László Moholy-Nagy, who while working in a darkroom, achieved unbelievable physical-chemical effects that until now no digital software are able to recreate.

Hamburger Bahnhof – “Secret Universe” September 11th-September 14th 
We continue to challenge your perceptions of beauty taking you to Hamburger Bahnhof for a creepy exhibition. “Secret Universe” unites the photos of an artist who studied anatomy books and costume history in order to give birth to weird dolls and photograph them in true-to-life situations.

Freies Museum – “Starburst” 6pm                                                                                      

Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights, strobe lights, street lights..all of the lights! Yvette Mattern has lit up the sky from London to New York with her magical, rainbow light displays and now you can see one of her light installations for yourself at the new Freies Museum Satellite Space. The light installation “Starburst” opens Tuesday at 6 pm!

Kosmetiksalon Babette – “Info on Books”  8pm

Tuesday at 6pm don’t miss a fantastic exhibition at the ridiculously chic bar/art space Kosmetiksalon Babette, “Info on Books.” Exhibitors include Ingrid Hora, Barbara Breitenfellner, Zoë Clair Miller, Michael H. Rohde, and a special showing of legendary fashion photographer Mark Shaw’s book, “The Kennedy’s,” with a live DJ, Thibaut de Ruyter!

Galerie Guido W. Baudach Wedding – “JANUS”  September 11th-October 27th 12-6pm

The Dutch artist Erik van Lieshout is known for producing a film about his assistant that turned into his girlfriend (“Sex Is Sentimental”). So we wonder… What has he preparing for this next exhibit? Find out at the opening tonight!

Galerie Christian Ehrentraut – “”Accumulation and the Hereafter Perception” 5pm
Dealing with different materials and concepts, Yudi Noor has prepared
a second solo exhibition in Berlin. It will include “assemblage-pieces, sculptures and embroideries that merge mysticism with minimalism and pop-culture in a seemingly playful way.” Come and see how he masters the characteristics of each material!

Stattbad Wedding – Berliner Splendor 7pm                                                                      

The event, proudly presented by berlin-artparasites, starts at 7 pm with a group exhibition, displaying the work from more than 20 Berlin-based artist in the splendid decayed setting: a hall full of old bathtubs. Then it’s time for the after party, that starts at 10 pm and goes on the whole night! So, if you plan visiting other exhibitions during the day, come anyway to party with the artparasites!

For our Tuesday tour click here.