Beetroot Vodka…..Yes Please!

The preparations are underway for tonight’s BBQ and after party! Panini are starting to soak up the tomato and mozzarella, and the signature beetroot vodka drink is calling! Yes, you heard right – beetroot vodka! This is Rotebete’s own creation and we were lucky enough to catch Francesco Piercy Tomba, of the Rotebete team, preparing the special blood-red Vodka for the after party at their showroom tonight! It’s the color of life, love, lust and everything good… we promise you’ll enjoy it.

Francesco expresses his love for this beautiful (?) vegetable, as he creates tonight’s party-fuel! Curious? Us too! After you’ve joined us for a panini at Görlitzer Park, come down to the Rotebete After Party and experience the beetroot as you have never tasted it before! 

Rotebete Showroom After Party, Friday 8th June, 9 – 11pm