Be Green!

What use is a car in Berlin? Unless you are loaded and lazy there is no need! So, what are cars good for in Berlin? Cover them in grass and voila! You have yourself the most eco-friendly car ever. Emits no poisonous gases and provides habitats for small animals or alternatively a seat, playground, or sculpture for us. Hmmmmm, still unsure exactly what the use is but it makes a good statement!

grass car, treptow, kreuzberg, green car, art, berlin
Enjoying the benefits of a greener world! Photograph: Francis Cragg

These cars have parked themselves at Schlesischer Busch along Am Flutgraben where cars used to come to be repaired.  What better way to encourage the eco-friendly message, drive less! In this grass-covered green area there is also a less green but just as whacky type of seating! The giant bench! Bored of an ordinary world? Climb onto one of these seats and sit in the sun for an afternoon, waiting for the giants’ return!

giant bench, treptow, kreuzberg, berlin, art
Feeling small? Photograph: Francis Cragg

You thought it couldn’t get any better than grass-covered cars and giant benches right? Well these curiosities are right next to Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben and its gallery 2yK Galerie. I’m guessing they are not only next to but also an initiative of the Kunstfabrik and gallery! You will also find the popular Club Der Visionäre along here, so once you have watched the sun set from up high on the benches you can watch it rise again whilst relaxing on the Spree at this chilled out club…perfect!