BAPS Summer BBQ #2

It’s that time again… time to grab a grill, a hefty bag of charcoal and a hell of a lot of lighter fluid. Oh and don’t forget the matches. Sure the Berlin summer has not been up to par, but once autumn rolls around you’ll wish you had taken every opportunity possible to spend time outdoors, and grill, of course. We at berlin-artparasites make it easy for you: Join us this Saturday, July 21st, for our second BBQ event of the summer season! This BBQ event will be centered around the delicacy known as the French baguette and will run parallel to the Kunst(shot) “Empty Space” art exhibition taking place at .HBCSave the date: Saturday July 21st. Starting time: 7pm.

In short, here are the details for the berlin-artparasites’ second French Baguette and Art BBQ event:

What: Meeting other Artparasites and featured artists while becoming aquainted with the taste-bud tingling taste of crunchy French baguette and gooey brie cheese. 

When: Saturday, July 21st 2012. Starting time: 7pm.

Where:  .HBC, located in Mitte near Alexanderplatz.

Art Show: Parallel to the berlin-artparasite BBQ meet-up, our visitors can enjoy some drinks and the multimedia art exhibition “Empty Space” at .HBC.

Last month, berlin-artparasites held the first BBQ of the summer season centered around the Italian caprese panini. The event was co-hosted with Italian-bred, Berlin-based artist Stefano Bosis and after some hours grilling in the park, we finished the night off at the art showroom, Rotebete, where visitors mingled, drank delicious signature Rotebete cocktails, and enjoyed music alongside the marvelous art adorning the walls (including Stefano’s Panini Series). Fun was had by all, so be sure not to miss this next BBQ event! Leading up to the BBQ, we’ll be interviewing and introducing you to some of the artists who will be performing or exhibiting at .HBC.

** RSVP on the facebook event so that we can make sure you get a free baguette with brie (and ham for the non-vegetarians)! See you at .HBC!