Bailouts, Payouts and Art

Everything you think you need – and only for a Euro a piece. Nothing austere about it! So why are these billion Euro bailouts plaguing our newspaper headlines and TV screens? The collaborative duo Pester and Rossi tackle the growing need for affordable living (and art) through their latest art project “Y€$ 1 €UROSHOP“, where ReTramp gallery will be turned into a variety store filled with handcrafted random gadgets and thing-a-ma-bobs. We spoke to Ruby Pester, one half of the masterminds behind this experimental project to get the scoop on what you can expect. The opening party is tonight, so hope to see some of you artparasites out!

BAPS: What brings you to Berlin? Why was Berlin selected for this Y€$ 1 €UROSHOP installation project?

RP: I live in Berlin, I moved here one year and half ago from Glasgow. Nadia Rossi – the other half of this project lives in Glasgow and has come across for the project. Nadia and I have been creating art events and performances as a collaborative duo (Pester and Rossi) in the UK for the past four years. I found Retramp Gallery space via a friend and contacted Verity Oberg, the gallery owner, and she kindly offered us the space for a week in return for some artwork.

BAPS: Dollar, dollar bills or Euros? Which is more aesthetically appealing?
RP: You can’t beat a dollar but the euro needs some tender loving care. 
BAPS: What product are you expecting to be the hit of the weekend?
RP: At the Y€S 1€UROSHOP there are a wealth of products to choose from. Our best sellers are sure to be : XXL Padlock(easy to use, looks effective from a distance), Allura Short Square Glue On Nails, Triple Value Pack Toothbrushes, So Safe – Flame Free Matches and Novelty Iphone Case with Bunny Ears.
BAPS: 5 words that describe what visitors can expect to feel/think/perceive while visiting?
  • Retramp Gallery Opening Party on Thursday, August 2nd 2012 from 7pm onwards. Shop is open from Friday – Sunday, August 3rd-5th: 12 – 6pm.