Away with the Sunday Blues

There’s no need to feel blue on a Sunday. Sure the work (or school) week is ready to begin anew, and your headache from Saturday night might not be helping with your general apprehension or apathy. Sure you had one tequila shot too many for Cinco de Mayo celebrations at some kitsch Friedrichshain Mexican bar you can’t even remember the name of… but why not ease your hangover and pop back out to Friedrichshain to view some street art?

All along Gärtnerstrasse, you’ll find fresh stencil work or peeling away images. Our favorite to wrap up the week is the boy riding a bomb (shown above) by street artist ALIAS – which, by the way, we find particularly fitting for a Sunday morning as well. While you’re checking out street art on Gärtnerstrasse, we’d recommend a trip to Kaufbar. Their cafe is more than inviting, and if you find yourself overly attached to the teacup you are sipping from, you’re more than welcome to buy it. The concept of Kaufbar is that everything, including that comfy chair you’re sitting in, can be purchased.

Currently there is an art exhibition of prints by Hungarian artist Krisztián Kristóf lining the walls of the cafe. So how about you end the week right and kauf those blues away?

  • Kaufbar – Gärtnerstrasse 4 10245 Berlin – Thurs – Mon: 10am – Midnight, Tues + Weds: 3pm – Midnight