Artparasites Top Moments Of 2013

Welcome 2014, you're hung over, tired and anyplace beyond the bed and the toilet doesn't exist yet. So here you have it, some bed side reading in the form of our top articles of this past year!

Meeting James Franco

Come on, give us that famous James Franco smile. Photo: Chris Phiilips

Let's be honest: we did not go to see the artwork, we went to see fucking James Franco. Would his celebrity status overshadow his plastic practice? Surprisingly, the exhibition "Gay Town"  cleverly engaged with this question head on – ah, and also whether Franco is gay or not. Here's what we saw.

Banksy: It's A Fake?!

At the Preview Berlin Art Fair: Pablo Gehr of G & G Fine Art with artwork (L) allegedly done by Banksy. Photo: Drury Brennan

Since the dawn of mankind we have used lying as a way to either cover up or to propel deeper issues into the spot light. And so that trend continued this year in Berlin during Preview Art Week. The booth of Gallerist Pablo Gehr of G & G Fine Art allegedly contained Banksy’s work. We asked a lot of questions and received incriminating answers. Yet one question still remains: does the art world really care about fraud? 

What Is Your Place Of Protection?

Photo: Chris Phillips

The performance "Digital Autism" saw artist Mia Florentine Weiss confined to a bed and remaining there for three days using Artparasites as her only means of communication to the outside world. Part of ‘Peace Never Sleeps’ exhibition for Gallery Weekend in Berlin this past April – we’re always wondering what Mia will do next.

Creative Censorship

The Photo That Started It: Artist Juliana Munoz at The Helmut Newton Foundation. Photo: C. Phillips

We faced a few attempts of censorship, both online (with reported posts at Facebook, such as photos of sculptures from Samuel Salcedo) and offline. After publishing a photo of a nude model inside the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, we received a threat that the website would be sued if the article wasn't removed. Not only we not bend over to their request, but in response we published another article exposing the hypocrisy behind their request – since nudity should not be an issue in a building full of erotic photographs – and defending our right of free speech and art appropriation.

How To Get Laid At An Art Gallery

Photo: Chris Phillips

Asexuals make up 1% of the worlds population, they don't like sex. But the other 99% of the world? Well, turns out they love it. This is  why this article that delves into an unknown secret place to “Pollock the canvas” was received with bonafied excitement.

5 Reasons To Never Date An Artist

Photo: Chris Phillips

Those long locks, the avant-garde style and that I-just-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude is too much to resist! Ah, welcome to the world of dating an artist. Again with the sex, but his time why you should avoid dating artists. Did we stereotype dating? Yes, do we care? No, not really.

Haters Gonna Hate: 2Square

Graffiti can be beautiful, but in the hands of these artists dressed like two lost Olson twins, the spray cans turn into liquid douche bags – and with an upcoming reality show, it's safe to say it will make Jersey shore seem like Downton Abbey. So what was the response we received from 2Square after they read our article? "FUCK YOU AND YOUR UNKNOWLEDGEABLE SELF! Also, you like boys." Ah, maturity like a '68 Margaux.

Gallery Girl

Photo: Chris Phillips

Gossip girl, eat your heart out. Everyone, everywhere found something to laugh or cry about in our “Gallery Girl” series. Real life tales of all the young helpless girls and boys exploited in the name of art. Did you miss any? Start here: Confessions Of A Gallery Girl Pt. 2: The Evil Collector Pt. 3: Boys vs. Girls, Pt. 4: Internship From Hell, Pt. 5: Secrets Of The Louvre, Pt. 6: Letters Of Rejection Pt. 7: Vices Of The Met Gala, Pt. 8: The Devil Has A Gallery Pt. 9: Falling In Obsession, Pt. 10: Selling Broken Artwork

That's it for now, we look forward to another year with you!

The Artparasites Team