Artparasites Recap: Berlin Art Week In Ten Vines

So that was that. Berlin Art Week is officially over and the art hype in Berlin has returned to its normal levels—or has it? While we try to figure that outourselves, we leave you with a "vined" recap of the last few days. These are some of the funnier, sillier, sexier, surprising—well, decide for yourselves. Enjoy!

1. Kick off to Berlin Art Week with the Artparasites team! 


2. We swarmed up Auguststraße for the grand opening.


3. But soon enough, #BerlinArtWeek turned into #NaughtyArtWeek.


4. As expected, there was an art overload at the fairs.


5. The art overload had even the most skeptic dog (that's Edgar!) wagging his tail.


6. Emerging new artists were popping out at every corner.


7. Meanwhile at the ABC Art Fair… keys were being infinitely lost.


8. One of our readers wondered whether it was art or sex being sold at the fairs.


9. And the disputed authenticity of some Banksy pieces had everyone buzzing.


10. Berlin Art Week, you've been one hell of a ride – Until next year!

Compiled by the Artparasites team