Artistic Insight Into Disbelief

After talking to Clemence de la Tour du Pin yesterday, one half of the curatorial group Kunst(shot), we decided to get yet another perspective on the art exhibit that will run parallel to our BBQ on Saturday, July 21st, at HBC. Please welcome into the picture Dutch artist Gert-Jan Akerboom (yes! the theme of glorious names continues), who will be exhibiting under the auspices of “Empty Space” this Saturday. Looking at Gert’s drawings, created in Indian Ink, is like falling into an aesthetically beautiful 90s computer game; neat geometric shapes occupy otherworldly realms, everything bathed in varying degrees of monochrome. We decided to find out what makes Gert’s world turn around and to see whether his artistic order leaks into his everyday life…


BAPS: What do you like so much about working in Indian Ink?
GJA: I really like the uncontrollable nature of it, after working with ink-pens and fineliners for a while (which are very much “what you see is what you get”), I wanted to explore a medium that I would have less control over. Indian ink, as well as acrylic and sumi inks, creates textures on the paper that are very unexpected when mixed with water. This can very much alter the the “story” of a drawing and I really enjoy that.


BAPS: What inspires your 3D wall murals?
GJA: Instead of just hanging drawings on the wall I like to try and give the exhibition space the same atmosphere as the works presented, so that there is more of a fluid transition between the physical space and the imaginary space in the drawings.


BAPS: Why do you believe it is impossible to be truthful?
GJA: I feel that you can never know all there is to know about a certain subject. Therefore any definite judgement (right/wrong, true/false) is always based upon an incomplete set of facts.


BAPS: How does this then affect your art?
GJA: It effects my art in a way that I always want the work to be ambivalent. The works should not give a certain message but should evoke upon further investigation, take you on a little travel exploring the different possibilities to come to an conclusion, and ultimately make you realize that the combined atmosphere of these different possible journeys is the actual soul of the artwork.


BAPS: Are you a tidy or a messy person?
GJA: I am a pretty messy person, but the best thing is to make a big mess in a freshly tidied-up studio.


BAPS: What can we expect from you at the next Kunst(shot)?
GJA: Unfortunately I can’t physically be there, but I will be represented by a series of small ink drawings called “Void Island’s.”


  • Attend our weekend BBQ event on the terrace of HBC this Saturday at 7pm and then grab a drink and enjoy Gert-Jan Akerboom’s work alongside the “Empty Space” Kunst(shot) Exhibition until 12am. Please RSVP for the event here – that way you’ll be guaranteed a free baguette!