Art That Doesn’t Go By The Book

Over fifty artists, two galleries, two continents, one exhibition. Twin spaces Petzel (New York City) and Capitain Petzel (Berlin) they have respectively shown a two part exhibition entitled “The Feverish Library.” I was not only lucky enough to be in New York City for the premiere at Petzel but also fortunate enough to see the second installment here in Berlin. The cities were different, the weather was polarized, and my hair had grown three inches – but my experience hadn’t changed. These shows definitely are worth the visit.

A Story In The Making

In Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “The Library of Babel,” he describes an indefinite number of hexagonal galleries that contain an infinite number of books. This gigantic library (which he compares to the universe) is arranged in a completely absurd and disordered system, and contains within it the prophecies and answers to the world’s troubles. One could compare this labyrinth of vastness to the Berlin and New York art scenes: a seemingly endless maze of amazing galleries featuring work by the world’s best artists. Thus it’s no surprise that blue chip international galleries like Petzel (NYC) and Capitain Petzel (Berlin) would host a series of exhibitions based on this tale. Featuring an impressive list of nearly 30 diverse art stars like John Baldessari, Jeff Wall, and Robert Longo, “The Feverish Library” beckoned me to stop by.