Art Lovers: NYC Best Weekend Art Events

Looking for some art or a new special person to keep you company on this oh-so-capitalist of days? Then look no further! As always, NYC-AP brings you the best art events and parties that New York City has to offer below.

Thursday February 14th, 2013

Kim Foster Gallery – “Diversions” and “Sacred Spaces” Openings – 6-8pm

Start your evening with a double-opening whammy at the Kim Foster Gallery. E.E. Smith’s “Diversions” features arrangements of photographic oil paintings. The subject, broadly, is “games” while her influences include Memento Mori. Elsewhere in the building, Michael Lipkin’s photography series “sacred spaces” trains its eye on architectural spaces, blurring them to abstract them down to their basic elements: movement, light and time.

Envoy Enterprises – “Bruce to Brock and Back” Opening – 6-8pm
In his first New York show, Canadian artist Niall McClelland uses discarded objects to build artworks that fit on a wall, evoking Canada’s natural landscape and its industrial life. Kick off your weekend going Bruce to Brock and back.

Heskin Contemporary – “Painterly Geometrics” opening – 6-9pm
Another artist with an affinity for recycled materials, Timothy Linn, goes the painterly route this time with his show at Heskin Contemporary. Catch this survey of his gouaches on paper, which Robert G. Edelman praises as “the ultimate enigma; a work of art the requires the viewer to interact with it.”

Friday February 15th, 2013

Winkleman Gallery –  “Homosexuality Is Stalin’s Atom Bomb to Destroy America” Opening – 6-8pm
This week’s Art Parasites award for best title goes to “Homosexuality is Stalin’s Atom Bomb….” – an exhibition that explores crossover between anti-Red and anti-pink sentiments during the early Cold War. Pieces include a map of mid-century gay cruising sites and communist hangouts that invites viewers to explore what two outsider communities shared in common.

Sacred Gallery – “Haloz Wuz Here” Opening – 8-11pm
Colorblind artist Kidlew expands from his traditional black-and-white work into the world of color with his new exhibition, a series of canvases drawing from pop and street art, focused on the good and evil that lives inside of each of us. The opening was postponed due to snow, so the first 100 who show up get a Kidlew-signed print. To make up for the postponement, Sacred Gallery promizes exztra booze.

Derek Eller Gallery – “bulletproof” Opening – 6-8pm
Berlin-based artist Despina Stokou makes her U.S. debut with “bulletproof,” a site specific installation and painting exhibit that explores how the media, the press and the gallery system meddle with our interpretation of art. Stokou uses oil paint, graffiti and collage to convey anger and awe at the cryptic symbols that guide our art consumption.

Saturday February 16th, 2013

Postmasters Gallery – “Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth” Opening – 6-8pm
NY-based artist Solmi used motion capture animation and other video game technologies to create a narrative exhibit about an imaginary Chinese dictator. Solmi’s videos provide background for the tale, while a series of paintings with video embedded in them blur the lines between still-life and moving image.

David Zwirner Gallery – “PowerPoint” Opening – 6-8pm
Craving even more technology? Head to Michael Riedel’s “PowerPoint,” where Riedel presses works from his previous painting exhibition, “Poster Paintings,” through the gears of PowerPoint. One painting displays the image that shows up the moment Riedel transitions between two slides of his own work. A perfect pick for a Microsoft-meta Saturday.

LMAK Projects – “Palimpsest III” Opening – 6-9pm
A black-metal music enthusiast serves as the organizing motif in Nachman’s large-scale oil canvases, which dwell on the decline of western metaphysics, and draw from Christian iconography and prayer manuscripts. A complex but low-fi alternative for your Saturday evening.