Art In Technicolor

Hidden behind a mask of scaffolding in one of East Berlin’s more understated areas lies Gallery Box 32, a smart and surprisingly warm exhibition space. You should head over to this understated space to check the latest exhibition, “We Call It Art…” for vibrant eye candy and multi-sensory pleasure attack. It closes at the end of this month, do don’t dilly dally!

opening nightArtists Saskia Hahn (L) and Dean Rosenzweig (R) at the “We Call It Art” opening. Photo: Deborah Clare

Box 32 is currently being used by Berlin native Saskia Hahn and American expat Dean Rosenzweig (a.k.a. SWag) to display their latest pop art and street art-inspired offerings. Both independent self-taught musicians-cum-artists, Saskia is a touring guitarist in Sweet Machine (the touring band of Canadian electronic and performance artist Peaches), and Dean is a singer-lyricist for druggy, cranky metallers Cream Chargers and guitarist in the pop-tuned group Catnip.

Tickle you pink: NY-artist John Renaud’s encrusted bra on display at Box 32. Photo: Chris Phillips

The exhibition, which runs from now until the end of the month, contains a vibrant and intriguing array of paintings, mixed media, silkscreen prints, installations, several collaborative pieces, and even some wearable art, courtesy of New York fashion designer John Renaud.


Pop and the Written Word

Of the two collections, SWag’s is the larger and more obviously inspired by the pop art explosion of the 1980s. Describing his work as “a mix of latex, acrylic and oil paint on canvas which combines abstract art with strong, text and heavy plates”, it “speaks of past relationships, heartache and personal error.” His works also clearly take aesthetic cues from the scene’s more prominent protagonists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Francesco Clemente