Art, barbecue, and football?!

The city was going crazy leading up to the football match between Germany and Greece, and as always the streets were taken over by drunk people dressed in red, yellow and black. But for some, the night wasn’t only about sports and whether austerity measures would play out on the field. In one of Berlin’s art hotspots, close to the historic Check Point Charlie, it was the opening night for great exhibitions in many different galleries.

We walked through select openings to catch the excitement and capture what was happening. The night attracted people from all ages and styles. But it wasn’t only about art! It was still the right place to go if you wanted to have some drinks and watch the game. The Galerie Gebr. Lehmann  – where you could have a chat with the artist Manish Nai in person – offered a barbecue and screened the match. Definitely a fun (and tasty) night for all!

The weekend has only started and there is still time to enjoy it! Besides visiting the exhibitions that opened yesterday, you can also choose between other ones that will open tonight! You can get all information that you need in our weekend art opening
Gilles at ?ak | Branicka 

Johannes Vogl
Johannes Vogl at Galerija Gregor Podnar 

Richard Hoglund
Richard Hoglund at Galerie Nordenhake 

Alice and Carolin
Alice Leiroque and Carolin Weihkopf at Galerie Gebr. Lehmann 

Manish Nai
 Manish Nai with his art-work.