An Open Letter To All Shattered Hearts

Photography by Rala Choi

Photography by Rala Choi

Do you still cry at night?
Do you still take a look at some old photographs?
Do you still wanna get drunk every night?
Do you still keep those couple shirts and mugs?
Do you still check his FB account?
Do you still smile then suddenly frown?
Do you still get insomnia and no sheep to count?

It’s okay to grieve.
It’s okay to cry and scream and just let it out.
Let all the pain be washed out by your waves of tears.


Shout out deep from your lungs all the lies he put in your mind.
Then forget. Little by little, slowly and gently, try to forget.

Start from the smallest thing that meant the most.

Forget how he said your name.
Forget how he held your hand.
Forget how he stared at you every second you were together.
Forget how he serenaded you in the crowd.
Forget how he confessed his feelings.
Forget how much joy it brought him when you answered yes.
Forget how he first introduced you to his friends and family.
Forget how your first date turned out to be the worst yet memorable one.
Forget how you got to know each other’s flaws and imperfections.
Forget how he combed his hair every now and then.
Forget how he checked himself on the mirror.
Forget how he tried to look brave when he’s terrified.
Forget how he teased  you when you fart.
Forget how he became an instant nurse when you’re ill.
Forget how he lied to surprise you for the first time.

But before you try to have amnesia and erase all of these in your mind…
Please be reminded that you shouldn’t forget the memories.
Forget how it felt.
Forget how it made your heart skip a beat.
Forget the feeling but not the memories.
For memories are to be treasured.
Good or bad. Happy or sad.
Pretty nice or pretty painful.
Memories should be remembered.

So after you forget all the unnecessary feelings
you had from the past, try to forgive.

Forgive him for not taking chances.
Forgive him for not taking risks.
Forgive him for letting you go.
Forgive him for not being contented.
Forgive him for navigating and getting lost.
Forgive him for finding a new home.
Forgive him for ripping your heart.
Forgive him for not making right decisions.
Forgive him for leaving you.
And most of all…

Forgive him for loving you.


Words by Decybelle Garcia


30DaysChallenge. Day 2.
“What seems to be the issue? Tell us where it hurts”