An Open Letter From Your Future Husband

Artwork by Jarek Puczel

Artwork by Jarek Puczel

Focus on the breathing and just be. Look me in the eyes. I am here. I see you, and I won’t leave you. I really want to get to know you. Don’t feel stressed. We have all the time. Breathe. You are not breathing.

I want you. Trust me. It is safe.

I don’t want endless party nights anymore with a lot of alcohol which made everything feel pink for a short while, and took away all the pain and stress temporary. I don’t want to eat frozen baby cow milk (read ice-cream), get fat together and smoke cigarettes to feel connected and safe in an made in China IKEA couch. No I want to be present here and now with you. Look me in the eyes. I will stay. Not just physically. I will be there with my whole heart, so that we can grow and find our individual life purposes, give back to the world and create something together that can work as a strength and energy recharger.

Now you probably panicked and thinking thoughts like ”who is this person, can I trust him? Is he for me? It is too good to be true. No it must be some sort of mistake”

It is not a mistake. I am your life partner, lover and best friend. Breathe and trust that.

I can see in a second when you get insecure. I want you to know that you never have to feel like that when you are with me. You are beautiful.

This routine wheel of living, shutting off, and only talk about what’s on the TV toonight is perfect for some people. Actually it was perfect for me too for a while, when all I wanted was to shut off my feelings. It was a nice rest. Living in that little bubble.

But I want the real, the true and my soul deepest wishes to come true. Therefore I had to leave the bubble.

I’m glad I did.

I can give this. I know it. Am I aloud to give it to you? Can I be your travelpartner in this life? The roads can be pretty muddy sometimes and you might need a helping hand with changing a tire or two…or just someone to sing along with. It’ll be fun.

At least don’t settle for less. Marry the guy who SEES YOU.

Anja Nilsson is a Swedish writer and communication consultant with a background in fashion retail and a passion for art.