An Open Letter Against Urban Art

Following our interview with the New York street artist who goes by the name of Wane, we received a very passionate email on the subject. The author, who wished to remain anonymous  has some very strong views on the public art form but what do you think? Let us know!

"Dear Berlin Art Parasites,

I am writing to express my disgust with your glorification of what you refer to as illegal “street art”. It lingers like an ominous, black cloud over Berlin; a symbol of its poverty and hedonism. For a city bursting to the seams with art, why do we need the very symbol of anti-social behaviour, the hooded figure, to unleash his spray can on our home? The answer is that we don’t. The street “artist” creeps in the dark tunnels of the U-bahn, and like the vermin that crowd around his feet he imposes himself on space where he does not belong, where he is not welcome. The subculture must stay exactly that for what good does it do to parade it in the public domain? It does nothing to further society itself but instead wastes the average taxpayer’s money on a whim; even the more political street art (aside from those in designated areas ie East Side Gallery) does no good; for how can someone respect the statements of a criminal?! Your response I’m sure will be that people should be able to express their creativity, which yes they should but people should not be able to impose their belief system on others in such a totalitarian way. 

Open your eyes Berlin there is a bigger picture out there.