Am I A Proper Feminist Now?

Photo by  Laura Makabresku

Photo by Laura Makabresku

Why do I cry all the time?

I want to get angry without tears

Why can’t I have all the sex I want?

Why does my cunt make me a slut?

Never mind, I will carry my keys between my fingers like a weapon and hope I stay safe

Bless me, I don’t think I know what I’m talking about
Silly cunt
Why can’t I be built like a brick shithouse?
Then will my dad not worry
Will I then be able to sleep around as the legends, and lads do?

Problem is I am actually weak
Skin thinner than the mesh fabric my crop top is made from.
Because yes I like to be sexy
So I am not actually a feminist?
Maybe I should change my clothes
Throw out alcohol and cigarettes
Get dressed in a shirt and trousers that cover me neck to toe
Wipe the paint from my face
My lips
And go back out

Now I am a lesbian?
Men fear me?
Maybe I should grown hair over every inch of my body
To fully support my cause

But I do like men, a lot.

Stop thinking so much
You are privileged
You are educated, safe, full
Stop moaning
Stop worrying about what they are thinking

I actually like my cunt
The word cunt
Being a cunt
Ill get changed once more
Sleep with whoever
Have sex whenever
But clutch those keys as I walk late at night
For now I am a slut again
I will be blamed
Well this is going to have a reception
Fun though

Hard to make sense of what I am doing
I am not in love
I actually do want kids
And a husband
I am a hypocrite, I know
At times
My red lips evidence of this
Painted on
Looks good though

I actually like my slight areas of cellulite
And the way
My stomach
Rolls over itself when I am seated
It feels nice
Am I a proper feminist now?

Submitted to ArtParasites by Stina Sims