Always go for the dreamers: those special people who will inspire you to the fullest

Painting by  Jorge Santos

Painting by Jorge Santos

The dreamers will catch you when you fall.

They are the ones that make this world go round. Nobody can stop you or hold you back from what you really need to do. Your true purpose is in your heart. Listen carefully and the words will speak clearly to your heart.

Open your mind and you will find eternal possibilities.

Go to Patagonia and to the depths of the oceans all at once simply by closing your eyes and looking into the darkness. Look through the darkness and you will see the eternal paradise that was created for our enjoyment. See in the darkness the light and the new-born child who is a gift from the mother universe.

The baby universe is simple and pure, not a care in the world could break its crystal heart. Slowly but surely the baby will have to face fears and the pressures imposed upon him/her from society. When and if that moment comes be ready to smile and push it all away as there is nothing more inconsequential in this world than following to fear. Fear will stop you and restrict you from doing what you really should. Live life to the fullest and never fear to hurt those around you.

Be vulnerable to love and fear as those extremes are what shape our ever-changing personalities and create and form our conceptions of the environment around us. Our normative beliefs are eternally flawed. However, there is a certain beauty in its flaws.

No mistakes, no regrets. Carpe FUCKING Diem. O, Captain! My Captain! Guide my ship to the end of the universe and let it drop infinitely into the horizon as there is nothing I can fear. Once you have experiences true everlasting love, nothing can hurt or break. For sure we are able to inflict pain in others and allow ourselves to bleed at times.

There is nothing wrong with bleeding from time to time, as long as we remain calm and count the drops from our bleeding wrists one by one. Slowly, like the sea levels rise and fall throughout the day, we shall count the drops until dusk and until the morning sun. The stars form indescribable scribbles in my mind. No limits will limit us or describe the immensity of this Earth, as there are neither words nor a language that can accurately depict everything. Our limited view of society will only push us away from the true meaning of life.

God and only God has the power to keep pushing us forward. As a child my father used to push me as I was riding a bicycle and his guidance is something I will never forget. My father also knew when it was time to sit back in a bench and watch, as I would drive by in my bicycle lap after lap after lap. I could sense a satisfaction in his smile as he watched me ride through the wind on my own.

Your merits are the only thing that matter in the end. It is all a big playground full of interconnected games and it is up to us to blow up the hurdles on the way.

This game I call ‘Home’/’Heimat’ is the most amazing game you could possibly imagine. So please, for the love of God, keep playing. It is never the time or place to throw the game board away. Angels will sing as you walk through the gates one day but do not anticipate yourself to this event

Submitted to ArtParasites by Julia Ecker