All The “Small” Things You Do Can Be Life Changing, And Here’s Why

Painting by  Tomas Jetela

Painting by Tomas Jetela

A few days back I had a conversation with a ballerina. She told me that she had, on New Year’s Eve, performed for a couple and not spent the day with her family. I asked her about why she’d done it for only a couple of people and that too on such a day (I had known her long enough to know that it wasn’t about money). How could such a small thing attract her?
She told me, “There are no small things”.
Yesterday, I found out from a mutual friend that the couple were celebrating their 48th and last anniversary. The husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had less than a year to live.
She had performed for them because they had contacted her with their story. They wanted to relive the experience from their 1st anniversary.
So it got me wondering. Are there any small things?
We take a lot for granted. A lot. Our families, our jobs, our cars, our lives. We do not think twice before telling someone off or putting a label on someone whom we’ve barely known for a day.
You never thanked your mother for the times she woke up early in the morning and set everything up for you to get up and get your job done with the minimum of hassle. You never did. Neither did I.
But we should have. Yes, she is your mother but that didn’t tag her to be the person who did every thing for you.
And yet she did, not because she was your mother but because she loved you.
You never thanked her because it was a small thing.
What about your best friend from high school who took care of you through every heartbreak and heart ache that you suffered?
He has become a part of your history book, the one you keep in a dusty corner of your heart’s album. You were meant to call him the day you graduated from college or got your first job or decided to propose to the girl of your dreams.
But you didn’t. It always seemed a small thing.
Believe me when I tell you, there are no small things. Everything matters.
From the first summer rain which soaks you to the bone, to the last winter air which freezes your soul in time, everything matters.
What seems very little today will be invaluable tomorrow, because this life of ours is made of little things, of bits and pieces scraped together to make a wonderful collage that speaks, more than anything of a Time we can never come back to, a Time that can never come back to us.
One day you’ll realize that it truly does.
Submitted to ArtParasites by Sayan Sen