All Smiles: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

It’s not a New York weekend without some graffiti and sex. Welcome to the weekend’s best art events and parties in NYC! This week, we highlight openings from Chelsea to the Lower East Side and Bushwick. Start off your weekend by checking out some fresh art in NYC at Fair Folks & a Goat (might as well get a caffeine kick while you’re there! We can definitely recommend their cafe) and end it with some old school graffiti work at Klughaus Gallery (who also happens to be throwing down for their first anniversary!). Enjoy it, Artparasites!


Thursday, December 13th 2012


Fair Folks & a Goat Daniel Oglander and Joseph Meloy Exhibition Opening – 7-9pm

Why not enjoy some fresh and young artwork straight out of NYC alongside a delicious foamy cappucino? Fair Folks & a Goat will be hosting an opening reception tonight for the artwork of Daniel Oglander and post-graffiti Vandal Expressionism artist Joseph Meloy. We recently caught up with Meloy working on a mural inside of Arlene’s Grocery – definitely not an artist to be missed! Join the event invite here. 


Able Fine Art NY Gallery “Illusion” Hisako Kobayashi, Jin-Seob Yun, and Denise Petit Caplan Exhibition Opening – 6-8pm

Not just an illusion – these vibrant artworks at Able Fine Art NY are bound to grab your attention and get you hooked into a world of poetry and allegory that is created in the multi-layered abstract and expressive artworks. The three artists’ work combined complement each other harmonically to liven up the gallery space.  Be sure to catch the opening!


BOSI Contemporary “A Perfect Stage” Beatrice Scaccia Exhibition – 6-9pm

Beatrice Scaccia takes center stage as she presents an exhibition sure to capture and engage all of your senses (at least the audio and visual ones!). Through 15 drawings, poetic and theatrical voice-overs and 2 video installations, the exhibition presents “self-evident contradictions in society, as well as the psychological consequences associated with urban environments.” Sounds like a good place for some internal introspection or at least meeting some other intellectual art enthusiasts!


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Friday, December 14th 2012


Guided by Invoices – “AgitPOP” Exhibition Opening – 6-8pm

Tired of hearing (or now reading books) about the Occupy movement? Well, the 99%-up-roar chapter isn’t closed just yet, Guided by Invoices is opening an exhibition that re-awakens the discussion of monetary and power imbalance, or the luxurious 1% leading various sources of interest in the US, with a look at the art world. In the words of the curator, Anthony Haden-Guest, “The model of the art world as a system feeding the upper end of the luxury goods market, a one percent thing, is as sleekly potent as ever.” So what are you gonna do about it? Come check out this exhibition for some ideas!


ABC No Rio “Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book” – 8-10pm

One night only! Miss the care free, school days of coloring books – where the hardest thing of your daily routine was trying to stay, or color, within the lines? Well then, we’ve got quite an amusing art event for your Friday night at one of the best venues in NYC! At this exhibition, Curtis Cates and Emily Burnell Petrou wil be presenting a collection of 60 newly imagined pages from Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, where “professional artists of various disciplines, as well as creative nonprofessionals, were recruited to reinterpret the book’s 60 pages, each depicting a famous work of art.” Maybe next time you’ll be up?


Present Company ROA::TILLMANN Exhibition – 7-11pm

Sculpture and design madness! Finish off your Friday night with a trip to Present Company for their final exhibition of the year, showcasing two stellar artists whose sculpture works are bound to tease your mind (and eyes!). Both artists, Roa and Tillmann, are based in NYC and the work of both artists “straddles the tension between the personal and built environment in order to construct a vocabulary of semiotic sculptures and installations.” Definitely a must-see!


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Saturday, December 15th 2012


Gallery Brooklyn “The Boy Art Manifesto” Exhibition – 6-9pm

Boy art? We can’t even begin to fanthom what this could entail – other than the quick impulse to link it to some sort of pop phenomenon, Boy (Band) Art. The manifesto of this group of male, or boy, artists, who promise to deliver a “nostalgia orgasm,” is quite intriguing: “Our work, our art is not that of the lie but the truth that our world is made of lies. These works are the substantive metaphor of our artistic ideas, without the heady pretense of over implication of contrived meaning. Our work is at once original and informed by the established values of prior generations.” Expect your childhood fantasies in art form!


Weldon Arts “Dark Corners, Savage Secrets” Exhibtion – 6-9pm

Tearing apart societal constraints and constructions that (overly) define our sexual relationships – How about that? This exhibition featuring Imminent Disaster AKA Robyn Hasty in collaboration with Alex Pergament, “reveals the most intimate moments of her sexual relationships, openly tearing apart these inhibitions in an interactive exhibition of photography, sculpture, and performance.” The audience is more than welcome to participate! 


Klughaus Gallery  “RIME/TOPER: Snap Back – Dangerous Drawings About New York” – 6-10pm

Klughaus Gallery is celebrating it’s one-year anniversary in style with some of the best names in NYC graffiti – RIME (Jersey Joe) and TOPER. The dual artist show will feature illustrations and paintings that are personal (with personal stories and anecdotes scattered throughout) and represent their time coming up in NYC. This is sure to be a powerful exhibition and off the wall party!


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