All Eyes On This Berliner Weekend!

This weekend Berlin is offering everything from interesting artist-retrospectives to avant-garde events. Two exciting festivals, quite a few openings and one finissage will keep you busy throughout the weekend. Join the fun!

Thursday June 13, 2013

Mindpirates –Art Porn Week – June 12th to 15th 

This all-inclusive festival will feature images, sounds, lighting, textures and intensities; films, performances, workshops, discussions, readings and live music. You are welcomed to “join and explore your desires, in a safe and consensual environment.” Cheers to that!  Highlighted event for today, Thursday: DIRTY TALK performance by Svetlana Pall Mall at 9pm.  
It's an interactive performance about the nature of pornography. Participants will explore pornography whilst co-directing and creating it themselves. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the program online! 

Gestalten – "Splitter" Opening – 6pm

When it comes to immediacy or ephemeral art, Clemens Behr is already an expert at such a young age. The artist frequently creates site-specific works that are characterized by the use of found materials. These results are captured in photos that make art pieces themselves. However, this particular exhibition will portray the artist’s work with lasting materials such as wood and tiles—visit the exhibit and keep up with the development of his art!


Obst & Gemüse – "Who is Who?" Finissage – 7pm

After covering Justin Person’s solo exhibition at O&G this week, we invite our readers to pass by for one last look at these enigmatic and cartoon-like illustrations. Stop on by and meet the artist and crew. Oh yes, as always, bring your own apples!

Martin-Gropius-Bau – Horst Antes Retrospective – 7pm

This exhibition featuring the legendary German artist is mainly exciting because of its spectrum: it will cover all his creative phases over a period of five decades “from casual beginnings circa 1958 to the spectacularly large and austere in-house images of the last phase.” Over ninety paintings will be on display, some of them from his personal collection and loans coming from abroad. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to trace the work of a pioneer who took part in Documenta III (1964) and won the UNESCO Prize for Painting at the Venice Biennale (1966)!

Friday June 14, 2013

Neukölln – 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival – 7pm

Yet another city-festival to drop by this Berliner southern neighborhood and check out what its dwellers have been up to. This event doesn’t only feature curated activities but also art outcasts. Since spring is finally blooming in Berlin, there will also be a lot of public-space and open-air activities. Accessible for all, make sure you buckle up and start the 48 hour ride!

Centrum – "The Edge Of Real" Opening – 7pm

This opening (with a very exciting name) covers the work of four artists: Angela Ender, Stefanie Seufert, Kate Squires and Nicoll Ullrich. They present their work as an indeterminate stage between realism and abstraction—and, if you're like us, you'd always also to see these different versions, perversions and subversion of reality! 

Saturday June 15, 2013

Grimmuseum – "Motion Dazzle" Opening – 7pm

Hilma af Klint is not our only Scandinavian artist featured this week. Merete vyff  Slyngborg is a Danish artist who is having his first solo exhibition this week at Grimmuseum. “Through camouflage, modernistic expressions, kitsch and graffiti as a definition of space and expression, Vyff Slyngborg experiments with the gradual transition of terminology between different fields and the value of taste and aesthetics attached to it.” That’s all the reasons we need to visit his show!

Hamburger Bahnhof –  "A Pioneer Of Abstraction" Opening – 8pm

Another retrospective art exhibition is happening this weekend. Hilma af Klint was a Swedish pioneer of Abstract Art and what this show has to offer are exactly those abstract pieces that have remained unknown to the public. “According to her will these works were not supposed to be made accessible to the public until twenty years after her death because she assumed that her contemporaries were not yet able to grasp their full meaning.” We already struggled a bit with the perks of abstract painting (as shown in our Dereich review of the past week) so we are excited to look at what she has been concealing! 

Michaela Helfrich Gallery – "Die Hirschkuh säugt den Tiger" Opening – 8pm

​Franziska is a young German artist that spent time in Asia and transfigured the local imaginary to her art. Her paintings are enchanting, colorful and dreamy. As stated by Eva Kumelowski, she "creates a world that bridges ancient serendipity with universal human longings." The poetic atmosphere to her drawings is definitely worth the visit!

Article by Sofía Martinelli