Airports, Art, Fairs… This Is Berlin!

Wow, Thursday already! Today is the third day of the first-ever Berlin Art Week and we are more than thrilled to explore new art terrain in Berlin! The large art fairs are finally open to the general public today, so everyone has the opportunity to see hundreds of artists exhibiting and selling their artwork. Life is not only a fair, however, so be sure to check out the various galleries with their doors and art wide-open this week, with very special exhibitions. But our main highlight of the day is the Preview Berlin Art Fair taking over the halls of Tempelhof Airport. After all, life in Berlin is always a big fair… and let’s not even talk about the airport problems… 

Station-Berlin Art Berlin Contemporary (ABC) Art Fair – 4-9pm (Opening + BBQ)
 First up, brace yourself for a spectacle of contemporary art at the opening of Art Berlin Contemporary (ABC) Art Fair.
Tempelhof Airport – Preview Berlin Art Fair. Open to the public: Thursday, 6-10pm
 Next, there’s no need for a plane – cycle or take the S/U-Bahn to Tempelhof Airport for the opening of the Preview Berlin Art Fair, the top art fair in Berlin that we can recommend! 
Postbahnhof – Stroke Art Fair – 7pm-12am
This is the largest and only international art fair to focus on Urban Art. You can expect to see the likes of Belin (Spain), Dan23 (France), and Fin Dac (UK) among others.
Mehdi Chouakri – “Do not think of the color blue for thirty seconds” – 11am-6pm
The artist Sylvie Fleury believes that moisturising is the answer. She reinvented Mondrian, turning his classic work into fluffy paintings. Come for a very colourful and bright exhibition!
PSM – “The end of ending”  – 12-6pm
Feeling any camping vibes? Eduardo Basualdo (http://thinkagain.com.ar/eduardobasualdo/unitodo.html) built a very impressive installation, bringing a huge fake lake and  a wooden cabine inside the gallery!
August II – Cellar Cinema – 9pm
In this special edition for Art Week, August II prepared video screenings and performances. There will be also a show by Distruktur and a live piano concert by Doron Burstein.
Move across town to Club Prince Charles to finish off the evening at the Preview Berlin opening party! Entry is free until midnight. Cheers!
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