Add Some Danger To Your Tuesday Night

It’s once again time for the event that powerfully ignites Tuesday nights in Berlin, Turbo Tuesday! Organized by the Ironside Agency – now officially known as VAGE – Turbo Tuesday is an open platform for artists and DJ’s to express themselves. It always takes place at f.u.c. Bar, a cosy bar with a naugthy name in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. Last month, they organized an evening with two international street artists and the beats of the night were courtesy of SMH, a DJane who experiments with vintage sounds through tape DJing. And this week promises to continue with their legacy of entertaining Tuesdays with a live painting session by Australian urban artist Emma Danger. 

Before heading back to her native Australia and then moving over to Canda, Emma Danger is making her last week count and she will be producing as much artwork as possible – with a live painting session on Tuesday. In case you not familiar with her work, VAGE describe it as “large colour spewing characters that look like they just came from a massive warped monster rave.” 

For the music, they promise a “one-man naked robot party” with the German DJ Andreas Krach a.k.a. der Roboter, that will be playing “without his cardboard boxes and tinfoil.” That is partly unfortunate because we’d love to see this crazy outfit!

In case you are either an upcoming artist or a DJ, this is a good opportunity: The exhibited artworks are always sold without a commission fee and the DJ gets 1 euro for each first drink that the bar sells! So, if you’re interested in taking part in this event, definitely drop them a line as they’re always looking for fresh talent in Berlin. 

  •   [f.u.c.] bar  ”Turbo Tuesday” –  Tuesday, August 27th 2012: 9 pm