Add Color To Your Berlin Weekend!

This weekend, Berlin is providing reflections on the city, on emptiness, the human body and its instincts, our lost – and hopefully regained – innocence and connections between different artistic media. Yes, it sounds like too much. But Berlin is in fact the gift that keeps on giving:

Thursday, August 1st,  2013

Alexanderplatz – "Berlinlacht 2013" Festival – 4pm

Starting today, a Street-Theater Festival will be decorating Alexanderplatz for 18 days! The legendary Berliner square becomes the center stage for a host of more than 100 artists. During August's sunny afternoons, performances and other open-air activities will enlighten the urban scenery. When you find yourself caught up in the daily routine, you can simply swing by!

II II / I – "Nothings and (Somethings)" Opening – 7pm

Artist Christian Burnoski presents his installations, paintings and altered textiles with the goal of surrounding and enhancing the notion of emptiness in the exhibition space. The viewer will perceive that by putting so much attention on the 'nothingness' that it gains even more presence and meaning. Performer Andrea Jenni will dance in situ connecting the artworks to the space and shapes of its surroundings. Considered yourselves warned: enter the void!

​Colonia Nova – "Now! Now! Neverland!" – performing continually 8-11pm [€5]

This interactive theatrical piece will take place from July 31st to August 3rd and will be continually performed from 8pm to 11pm each day. A collective of artists from the US and Europe will explore ideas of play, innocence, freedom and youth inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Viewers will also be active participants of this adventure: artists and public enter a space that can seem long gone with playful and boundless imagination. They are specially staging it in Berlin because the environment in our city resembles this magical space. We won’t miss the chance to be there—if not now, when?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Motto – "Study" Book Launch – 7pm

​The launching of the book Study by Japanese photographer Go Itami is happening in the very dear-looking Motto bookstore. Amongst his many creations, the artist captures subtle and lyrical female beauty in both black and white and color. An evening in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere is indeed a premium ocasion to enjoy the work of Go Itami. 

Kleiner Salon – "Yours, Ausländer" Performance – 7pm

Not to drift too far away from reality, this show by Abigail Liparoto and Janet Morales reflects on migrating issues caused by the economic recession in Europe. Berlin is once again the center of focus: creative young minds are coming from all over the world to participate in this niche of art driven exploration. The focus is the cultural map of transnational movement and, to decipher all of this, these artists are staging a performance on how individuals adjust to new homes. It’s a broad topic to approach, but baby steps are always the best! 

Kunsthalle m3 – "The missing link" Opening – 7pm

French artists Charlotte Lepelletier and Patrick Guidot work with diverse mediums to convey an anthropocentric reflection on man, his image and his spirituality. The Berlin-Paris based duo turn back to our ancestors looking for the way nature shaped their cravings and desires and try to find a thread that connects to the instincts and feelings of men and women today. Meaning for these topics will be sought after via painting, sculpture, installation and video. 

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Michaela Helfrich Galerie – "FarbTONE" Opening – 8pm

Artist and DJ Betty Stürmer makes pieces that are in between paintings and collages. The bond between her music and plastic works can be appreciated as a colorful remix. This combo of music and painting is indeed exciting and we can't wait to see the plastic result: how paintings are listened and how music is painted. 
KWADRAT – "Buy Art by Artists" Finissage – 6pm
"Everyone is an artist in Berlin" is one of the city's leitmotiv. We recommend this Finissage where gallerists present their previous work as artists to confirm this statement once again. Visiting the show for the last time will help us answer these questions: how do gallerists create art and how do artists curate and manage art?

Dock 11 – "Chasing Silence" dance performance – 8:30 pm  [€10 / €8 reduced]

Moo Kim and other artists will delight the public with this dance piece. The production is a "celebration of transformation." This poetic event will also go through the backstage to get to the main topic; their search for silence will end with the 'hum of a thousand birds.' It may sound vague or abstract, which is why we're expecting to be surprised! 

Article by Sofia Martinelli