Abstraction Into A New Reality

Do you like modern art but don’t have the time or patience to delve into Wikipedia and discover the ins and the outs? If so, get down to the Peres Projects in the quaint Berlin neighborhood of Mitte as soon as possible! Here, throughout July the space will be holding a free exhibition investigating the different ways in which seven North American artists (Mark Hagen; Kandis Williams; Scott Olson; Brendan Lynch; Brent Wadden; Joe Bradley and Hope Atherton) have interpreted the visual language of abstraction, these days considered to be founded by Wassily Kandinsky!


Road Trip Through Abstract Art: Los Angeles to New York City


Sticking out like the best sore thumb you’ve ever seen is Mark Hagen’s piece. Canvas and acrylic meet in an aesthetically wonderful, organic fusion to live up to the buzz that he’s been generating on the Los Angeles art scene. After being bigged up by fashion god, Hedi Slimane, there’s no doubt that soon Hagen will also have the Berlin-based creatives swooning at his feet.


Brendan Lynch is another bright spark whose pieces can’t help but grab your attention. In a corner sits his sculpture; a manikin hidden beneath a tye-dye cloth, its life like proportions make you tentatively wonder whether it  could be a real person waiting to leap out at you – this is Berlin (a city full of surprises) after all! Lynch, who currently lives and works in New York, follows up this piece with an untitled painting; this time he delves into more subtle forms as heavy white paint twists and turns to create a piece so intricately textured it’s hard to drag yourself away.


Feeling Hungry For More?


As you continue to walk around the mixed media exhibition; what strikes you most is the true visual versatility of abstract art; sculpture, paintings and collages sit side by side and the list of materials present is endless. After discovering so much about the fascinating world of American abstraction you will have undoubtedly worked up an appetite – possibly for American food; why not check out the sixties diner down the road (on the corner of Oranienburger Strasse/ Grosse Hamburger Strasse) for some of the tastiest chicken wings in the city! 


  • Peres Projects “One Day at a Time,” Group Show, June 30th – July 28th 2012, opening times: Tue – Sat 11am – 6pm. (Price Range: Not all pieces for sale)