About ArtParasites

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Founded in 2011 as a guide to Berlin’s art scene, today Berlin ArtParasites is a global platform for creative content from different artistic disciplines. The claim “How Art You Today?” sums up the core principle Berlin ArtParasites is based on: visual art as both expression and catalyst of human emotions.

Emotional visuals and personal texts, often of a literary or poetic nature, touch on existential issues such as love, relationships or psychology and deal with universal questions every human is faced with finding their place in the world. Feminism, body image, romantic relationships in the times of dating apps, travel and relocation, finding one’s place in society, the impact of politics on daily life are among the themes voiced up by a worldwide community of contributors. In short, Berlin ArtParasites creates a form of emotional storytelling combined with references to topical issues and practical advice.

Berlin ArtParasites is published in English, the magazine’s contributors are based all over the world. The same goes for its vital community of readers who are encouraged to submit writing and artworks published on site and on social media on a regular basis.